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The Farce Begins

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Oct 26 2007 15:04

Unbeknown to most of the engineering faculty, including election candidates, the voting for the remaining CGCU positions is now open, along with other ICU elections.

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Oct 26 2007 21:03

They should let life members vote. That'd be amazing

2. Nick   
Oct 26 2007 23:54

James, I miss you....

3. JJ   
Oct 27 2007 11:42

All candidates mentioned in Felix (with/without manifestos) were emailed on 15/10 telling them to submit a manifesto by last Wednesday.

All candidates mentioned in Felix were emailed on 24/10 telling them voting begins on Friday.

All students (who receive the union newsletter) were emailed detailing when they could vote on Thursday.

Charlie, are you a candidate?

Oct 27 2007 11:49

ICU candidates were contacted. CGCU candidates weren't.

5. JJ   
Oct 27 2007 11:50

I can't find anything about the CGCU elections in felix or email though.

6. Matt   
Oct 27 2007 14:47

After voting are we supposed to be able to donate 25p to a society of our choice, or is this no longer happening?

Oct 27 2007 17:38

The club bribery module is not active in this set of elections. It may return in future rounds if the President so decrees....

Oct 28 2007 14:39

No CGCU email.....

No publicity....

No info about candidates....


Oct 28 2007 18:30

CGCU will have a different returning officer to the ICU elections and it is their job to email the candidates... I believe the returning officer is the CGCU president (apolgies Tristen if you are not) and you should contact him if you are not receiving emails...

I imagine he has been a bit busy of late organsing balls and stuff so may have over-looked a small matter such as informing the willing volunteers about the farce... I may be completely wrong of course.

10. dwm   
Oct 29 2007 11:42

Also, you can't authenticate with the Union voting web-server if your password has an apostrophe in it. Incorrect levels of escaping in the code itself, apparently.

Oct 31 2007 08:21

Still no email from CGCU.......

12. psh   
Oct 31 2007 23:03

did you actually tell anyone about it? or just whine on live?

surprisingly enough, the best way to fix things is to go find someone responsible and hound them until they fix it.

Nov 01 2007 07:33

Not whining, just mentioning it on the CGCU news site which I guess a lot of the people in charge read.

And I have voted, so no skin off my nose.

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