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The Freshers Ball becomes the Autumn Ball

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Oct 29 2007 18:14

This year the traditional Freshers Ball was replaced with the CGCU Autumn Ball, a centennial branded event aimed at attracting more then just first year students.

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1. Seb   
Oct 29 2007 19:54

Oh dear... ticket sales didn't go well or some other organisational hiccup?

I remember having to advise some people to do something like that when it became clear a fresher ball wasn't going to arrive on time or hit target ticket sales...

Oct 30 2007 02:15

Guilds College Union.......

4700 students in the faculty of engineering and you only mange to atract 130 students.

I guess your feeling slightly ashamed with urselves....

Oct 30 2007 11:36

I think that it was too late in the term to be a real "freshers" ball - correct me if I'm wrong but in the past two years, was it not the end of the week after freshers week when the ball was held. And most older students were assuming it was a freshers event, or just did not really want to go.

Oct 30 2007 11:46

So the 'glorified depsoc', or RSMU as they prefer to be known, managed to get MORE people at their Freshers' Dinner than the CGCU?

Need I say more?

Oct 30 2007 11:59

Yes, but they didn't get (nearly?) banned from college catering after 100s of vomit patches formed a trail from the marquee to the union. Aren't mines numbers inflated by the fact there's nearly a 1:1 ratio of freshers to old students (as the old students are supposed to get the freshers horribly drunk until they're sick or dead?)

Although least RSMSoc didn't send anyone to hospital this year...

Oct 30 2007 13:07

"although finishing creme brulee was more like a egg custard"

Surely you mean an egg custard William old boy?

Oct 30 2007 21:39

At least Guilds had a formal dinner, unlike RCSU who just a**ed around in a leicester square club

Oct 30 2007 23:46

Well let?s think about this observer, the RCSU got ~ 7 times the amount of people that C&G did. Perhaps C&G should ask for some help.

Oct 31 2007 07:45

hang on, I seriously doubt that, but if it makes you happy....

Oct 31 2007 18:51

I apologise I didn?t mean to offend you only to inform you. However, what I said is correct. You can doubt it all you like and it will still be correct.

Have a nice day

11. Hmmm   
Nov 01 2007 15:24

A quick check of the RCSU exec accounts seems to indicate that just under 500 attended (or paid so far), although they've got some pretty creative accounting going on so hard to tell really.

12. Hmmm   
Nov 01 2007 15:41

Scrap that my maths is rubbish, they got over 700...

Nov 01 2007 21:48

Well Hmmm thank you for your input, it seems my assessment was correct. I heard that both the RCSU and RSMU had fabulous nights out. May I ask how you have access to the RCSU's accounts?

14. Ant   
Nov 02 2007 12:55

I'd guess Hmmm has access to the RCSU accounts in the same way that everyone has always had visibility of all union Clubs/society/union exec accounts and budgets via the union website.

Nov 03 2007 10:45

the thing about the RCSU 'Ball' is that students don't need the union to organise a night so they can go to some overpriced leicester square dive. BUT students can't really have a formal black tie dinner WITHOUT the help of the union - so basically RCSU have deprived their students this year, oh well.

Nov 03 2007 15:35

Maybe you see it that way, but it seems that in the first few weeks freshers want to have an informal event in order to get to know each other. This makes sense most formal balls (like proms etc) require a partner. It must be daunting for the freshers to get partners so early on. The union itself does something similar ?the mingle? an informal event which provide a setting for those difficult first interaction. Remember the RCSU typically holds more formal events at more appropriate times and the year isn?t over. Besides, the freshers had a choice this year they choose RCSU. Although we can always rely on Felix to make it seem that CGCU did better than they did and I mean that in a very non offensive way (you can correct me if I am wrong).

Nov 03 2007 17:56

a choice? like, a scientists or engineers event? let me guess which scientists would go to and which engineers would, you really are most peculiar

Nov 03 2007 20:58

Well it looks like I have upset someone. Perhaps I should make myself a little clearer. The RCSU?s event was attended by freshers from CGCU and I suppose it would have been possible for RCSU freshers to attend the CGCU?s event (would they have turn down the money) thus allowing some level of choice. However, I accept your point scientist may be more inclined to go to a RCSU event but it still does not explain the difference in attendance especially given the fact that CGCU is supposed to be larger than the RCSU.

If the RCSU?s event and CGCU event were equally appealing they should have had roughly the same amount of people (in fact Guildsmen might even speculate that CGCU would have had more). However, what we have is a situation where the RCSU got several times the amount of CGCU. What was wrong? I speculate that it was the nature of the event. CGCU were being slaves to tradition rather than thinking of their members. What do you feel?

Have a great day

Nov 03 2007 22:29

It'll be interesting to see how heavily the CGCU event was subsidised by the CGCU.

I wonder if the committee even discussed the fact that it may not be interest of the majority to subsidise an event for so few members.

Tickets for non CGCU were only five pounds more expensive at ?30 a head... was this at cost price or were non CGCU also subsidised at the event, albeit to a slighty lesser amount?

RSCU were serving their members (and did it well) and as soon as people forget that's what's important, then it's time to take a step back and ask yourself what you think you are doing.

Personally I'd be in favour of a joint ball for both RCSU and CGCU... like the one two years ago, but that would involve some kind of co-oporation which seems to be a bit thin on the ground at moment.

20. ***   
Nov 04 2007 01:38

all sounds very poor to me!!! however at least RCSU managed to attract students to their event unlike CGCU!

Formal Union dinners are important and very traditional in college and they should continue.

RSMU have two formal dinners in the first term alone. With a % turnout of students in their union alot higher than the other colleges.

freshers dinner... 150 students (SOLD OUT)

Xmas dinner.... more!!!

Nov 04 2007 15:11

from what I heard the guilds ball turned a healthy profit

Nov 04 2007 16:15

i think that whaever people can say about the turnout i think everyone had a good time, i know i really did.

Nov 04 2007 17:10

Thanks spot on. I noticed that insider quickly pointed out that Guilds made a healthy profit. Does this mean that Guilds spends more time thinking about its bank balance than about its members? As spot on correctly pointed out as soon as people forget their members then it is time to take a step back. Have Guilds done this? I think not, what has happen is that Guilds have turned around and looked at the money they have/have not made. That is not the way to treat the members, right?

As *** pointed out RSM have two formal dinners and have a good turnout at both. Clearly RSM know what their students like and give it to them. I personally think that they should be congratulated for this. Does CGCU know what their members want? The question is, are the CGCU exec out of touch?

Nov 04 2007 23:35

Hang on, you can't make up your mind can you? first you say it small events shouldnt be held at the expense of the majority of students then you double back and give an up roar when a small event makes profit, typical scientist

in terms of the dinner, it is constutional so has to be held, if the guilds exec manages to get good sponsorship deal, good on them, if they decide to run events not the equivalent to going out to a club, even better on them, what is the point of running events people can do on their own? I think your the one not thinking hang on, RCSU may be able to hold a party but that seems like all they do these days

25. hmmm   
Nov 05 2007 12:48

I'd like to know how excactly guilds are going to measure whether their Ball made profit or not when they have dumped the takings from a loss making bar night into the ball's transactions and appear to be still missing a large amount of income from ticket sales... unless of course they really did have that many comp tickets?

Nov 05 2007 13:04

Is there no scientists' ball this year? I know the engineers effectively organised the scientist balls for the past 3 years, but surely the scientists can organise one on their own for once.


% turn out are always going to be higher for the RSM CSC events. They are only so few of you and so many "engineers". Especially with the number of people involved in organising the events.

27. RSMU   
Nov 05 2007 17:57

The Scientists chose to have a less formal event instead. Sold it for ?30 cheaper and got approx 7 times the turn out. Hats off to them.

Taking into account % turn out for RSMU events or not they still got more actual hard numbers of people at their Fresher's Dinner than C&G. Yet, there are only so few of us and so many "engineers".

Face it - everyone is laughing at you. Can you really say you don't deserve it? I only hope all that sponsorship was worth it.

Nov 05 2007 19:56

Insider, read this carefully, I didn?t make that point (Spot on did) but do think it is a valid question. I think that any faculty union?s first priority should be there students not their constitution. If the ball required by the constitution but it is not serving the members then YOU as an ?insider? should scrap it! I think it?s fantastic that CGCU has a sponsorship deal, but all you seem to be worried about is money not people. Is that right? Twice you have come on to debate me, twice you have talked about profit , most of people in CGCU don?t care about that they want to know how their union aides them. Let?s face it as harsh as it seems there are two huge problems this story has uncovered, firstly, the exec think all about money not about people. Secondly, you would rather hide behind the constitution than do something for the members of CGCU.

Besides RSMU is right, there are only a few miners but more of them attended (in physical numbers) than engineers attended your event. The percentage turnouts make it look worse. Worst still you haven?t realised that yet.

Nov 06 2007 08:38

Yeah RSMU is so right... no wonder why all the dep soc events are always well turned out... go EEE. Are we going to have the massive party again in Christmas? It's cheap and it's way better than just a night in a subsidised club!

CGCU... try match that! But then again we are engineers :P

Nov 06 2007 10:23

The question is, how big a prat IS Tristan, and who should replace him to give CGCU just a little bit of credit back for getting rid of their biggest problem.

He wouldn't know a good time from a wake and couldn't organise a popular event despite God knows how much sponsership = Bad President.

I would have loved to have seen him at the RSM Freshers' Dinner, for comedy value. The look on his face when the realisation of what a successful and enjoyable evening is- and see happy faces on the freshers, rather than disappointment. Priceless.

Plus we'd have fined his a**e off :o)

Nov 06 2007 16:16

Tristan was too scared to go to the RSM dinner, he knew he would have been kidnapped and there were several people lining up from both RSM and RCS to assist with looking after him once captured.

Nov 06 2007 18:08

The question is why did people not want to go? And how does that get avoided next year?

"Freshers? Ball / RCSU Dinner

Whereas we would usually have a Freshers? Ball with dinner in the first couple of weeks of the autumn term, this year we will be having a Freshers? Ball in a Leicester Square night club (Zoo bar & Club) without dinner. And instead, launching an RCSU Dinner/Ball in the spring term.

I have done this for two reasons. 1) So that the freshers can see London in Freshers? Week at a lower cost to the usual ball (?5 including champagne reception, chocolate fondue fountain and two free drinks) which we hope will encourage a larger turnout and also leave enough money in the freshers' pockets to go to as many other events as they can in Freshers? Week. 2) An RCSU Dinner/Ball would be open to all of the RCSU and is likely to be linked to the science challenge in a top London location. We would hope to see members from all years there as well as staff and RCSA members.

jen | General, Events | 20 August, 12:58pm"

Nov 07 2007 17:37

It seems to be that the RCSU and RSM care about their students. Tristan has been very harsh towards RSM despite the fact that they are meant to be in his faculty and he is supposed to be responsible for their welfare. To be honest RSM has done a fantastic job I take my hat off to the RSM chair/exec.

35. This post has been deleted.
Apr 16 2008 16:28

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