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Live! Takes Guardian Award

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Nov 21 2007 21:12

Live! has been named best student website in the 2007 Guardian Student Media Awards.

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1. Tomo   
Nov 21 2007 21:27

Awesome, well done guys. Congrats.

Well done Peter!

Back to work...

Nov 22 2007 00:14

Congratulations, you deserved it. Well done one and all!

Nov 22 2007 01:09

Congrats guys!

Nov 22 2007 09:31

Very very well done, totally deserved it.

(Intesting how people are not afraid to put their names when it's in support)


Nov 22 2007 10:52

Well Done Ashley!

What happened to that 'Student Website of the Year' Graphic you were working on instead of doing your PhD?

Nov 22 2007 11:02

I decided I should probably do the PhD instead...

Nov 22 2007 11:09

congratulations. I read your website with interest and follow your discussions regularly. I find it as good as all the various newspapers that I also read.

Nov 22 2007 11:35

Congrats - Well done!

[Does this mean that you can sort a post-blocker for TfL/Student Oyster discussion now?]

9. Sid   
Nov 22 2007 13:51

Many congratulations Ashley - brilliant job!

Nov 22 2007 13:51

Congratulations Ashley.

I do find it somewhat ironic that the Union won't have Live! updates on its front page but as soon as you win an award you are plastered all over the front page!

Nov 22 2007 15:19

Ash, you win the guardian media awards and less than half a day later you go all corporate logos on us? Even the writing on the links has gone BP Green!!!

Nov 22 2007 18:38

That's because are sponsoring Live! for a couple of months, fresh from their sponsorship of the Lord Mayor's Show.

Nov 23 2007 09:57

Yeah well done Live! and make sure you prolong your PhD as much as possible Ashman, for the real world calls for early mornings and crazy rush hour commuting madness.

14. Tom E   
Nov 23 2007 10:35

Congratulations, Ashley! Well deserved.

Nov 23 2007 11:31

Danny - you can't have bad news on a propaganda site, that would just be silly.

16. Seb   
Nov 23 2007 12:24


Nov 23 2007 14:33

Congratulations, well deserved.

Nov 23 2007 20:18

Congrats Ashley!

Nov 24 2007 14:59

Given that last year John Collins insisted only 8 hacks read live and there are at least 14 different people posting here, I wonder what he thinks now.

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