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IMechE Accreditation Farce

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Nov 28 2007 12:55

Imperial's Mechanical Engineering department has dropped off the list of IMechE accredited courses, thanks to a massively over-running review process.

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1. Bloke   
Nov 28 2007 15:04

So what do they actually do, apart from send me a bill for ?71 so that I can renew my membership?

Nov 29 2007 12:23

Re: Bloke

Having IMECHE after your name makes you 2Million tims more employable! One doesn't need membership for this - its on your degree.

Every 5 years the Intstitute of Mech Engers inspect the course and decide whether we are worthy of their accreditation. After last years inpsection it would seem we are not - they are not happy with certain aspects of the exam format, there are infact 7 points which they are not happy about and once these are cleared up they will reinstate the accreditation. Shaun Crofton is on top it and promises that by the end of the year all will be fine and dandy.

Nov 29 2007 12:41

Actually, you do need membership to list IMechE (or AIMechE, as you'll be at first) after your name.

You only get MEng (Hons) and ACGI for "free" with the degree.

Nov 29 2007 13:31

I might be slightly biased (being IET Campus Rep) but with the Institution of Engineering and Technology you get much more for your money. Students pay ?12 a year for which you get their member's magazine (23 times a year), invitations to loads of really good (free) lectures and huge amounts of networking (read: informal job offers).

The IMechE has so far (after being member for two years) only started sending me their magazine, some months to my UK address, sometimes to my home address, sometimes not at all. As far as I am aware of their government structures are rather confused and since they rejected a merger with the civil engineers nothing is happening at all with them "seeking for a new vision for the institution" (from the members newsletter).

I don't really understand why we don't just seek accredidation from the IET instead of this bunch of incapable old men in Savoy Place.

5. Ant   
Nov 29 2007 13:56

As a member of the IMechE you get their magazine free, invitations to lots and lots of lectures free, and huge amounts of networking both with established engineers and other young engineers aswell.

If you have had issues getting your magazines delivered I suggest you discuss with the institue about what address they have for you as I have never had any issues nor have my housemates. (Three issues of PE within a day of each other every fortnight).

Also I believe the professional development systems being developed by the IMechE are much more assitive and supportive to developing engineers than that of the IET.

PS- I think you'll find it was the ICE who blocked more extensive convergence between the two institutes.

PPS- why do you suggest we accredit to the IET but then in the same sentance refer to the people at Savoy Place (which is the IET) as a bunch of incapable old men?

Nov 29 2007 14:57

Not true - I've only had three issues of PE this year...

Nov 29 2007 19:38

This is true, I in fact meant Birdcage Walk which is the IMechE. Obviously, my above post represents only my personal opinion based on personal experience. All I pointed out that for me the IET has so far been much better value for money. Maybe me and Ant's house mate just got lost in their IT system like MechEng did as well.

Nov 29 2007 21:16

The ICE did reject the merger, for all sorts of reasons, one being the differerence in training and membership systems and philosophies.

The IET claim to have more chartered members than any other institution and have a far simpler process leading to chartership. Some in industry view this as easier, others as different. Make your own mind up.

Nov 30 2007 16:35

"Students pay ?12 a year for which you get their member's magazine"

As a student member ie Affiliate member of IMechE, you get your membership for exactly the cost of an envelop, a stamp (1st class or 2nd class of your choosing) and some ink to fill out the membership form. No need to pay.

To have IMechE behind your name, as Ashley kindly pointed out, you will need to register as a paying member after you graduate. You will then become an Associate Member (AMIMechE). I believe, when you become a Chartered Engineer, you will then be awarded membership (MIMechE). This mean you will have to earn your membership, not just pay for it in other institutions.

Dec 23 2008 12:21

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Jun 20 2009 16:02

As an "ex member" of IET, I left when they "de-coupled" membership from professional registration. Anyone can now join the IET which makes the membership worthless. Despite what they say, it is also heavily biased towards electrical engineering which as a "spanner" was of no use to me. They should have kept their Electrical Engineering Institution as it had excellent brand name recognition as meaning something at home and abroad (where I have been for 20 years). IET is unknown inside Rolls Royce, which is where I currently work.

12. Harry   
Jan 10 2011 15:49

I am about to embark on an MSc in Engineering Projects and Systems Management as part of my further studies for CEng.

I have a BEng degree in Civil Engineering and a member of ICE but have just discovered that this course is accredited by IMechE. I was wondering if IMechE will accept my BEng in Civil Engineering so I could pursue the IMechE route to Chartership.

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