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Jackman Responds on Southside Issues

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Dec 14 2007 12:39

Director of Commercial Services Paddy Jackman has responded to concerns about the current state of the new Southside building, in an interview with stoic tv.

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Dec 14 2007 13:21

What about garden and weeks?? they have had to put up with the noise, dirt and disruption from both southside and the new eastside. That is a total of over 3 years worth of students who are affected.

Dec 15 2007 02:27

What about Dan Wans hair!!

Which wig will be next!!


Dec 15 2007 05:38

Jesus, listen to yourselves, haven't you ever heard of roughing it?!?! You've got the best halls building out of all of us and you're still moaning about it. It's only a bit of noise and dust. At least you haven't got any gun crime near you... oh and you don't have an hour journey on the tube everyday, which costs 60 quid a month. You've got it easy!

Jan 03 2008 12:24

Ah Dan will you ever stop whining? Rubbish accommodation is all part of being a student!! If you don't like it the solution is to go down the pub.

And if you really wanna rant, report on something that actually matters like the Guant?namo Bay march on the 11th. I hear they're pretty fed up with their accommodation too.

Otherwise get over yourself and sort out your hair.

Jan 03 2008 20:13

The problem is that Southside residents pay 155 quid a week. For that price it seems fair to have the right to complain.

I agree that rubbish accommodation is all part of being a student, but my bank account is also all part of being a student. Rubbish accommodation, cheaper fees. Disagree ?

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