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Summer Ball Tickets on Sale

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Jan 09 2008 11:07

Tickets for the ICU Summer Ball at the end of June have gone on sale nearly six months in advance.

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Jan 09 2008 18:16

I take it someone in beit towers is busy trying to sign X- Factor's finest rejects & a 2 minute budget fireworks display again... great way to make a profit, 'every little helps'!

Jan 10 2008 20:40

Is that a relevant observation to this particular article?

Get a life, balls are fun!

I'm really excited, surprised they're up for sale so early, but excited nonetheless!

Jan 10 2008 22:14

Has anyone in the know let slip about how many to a table, if we book them now, and whether for large amounts of bookings whether we can get any sort of a discount?

Jan 11 2008 18:43

Does anybody know whether there will be a chocolate fountain this year? There wasn't one last year, but there was one the year before. No wonder it made a profit last year, they cut so many things out from the year before that people expected would be there.

I don't understand how they can set prices so early without even knowing what is being planned. Maybe they're going for a even bigger profit this time around.

Jan 12 2008 11:54

"With great acts and DJs, formal dinner, fireworks, funfair, casino, marquees, light shows and more" is what is stated on the unions website. However, I believe it is a bit cheeky to try and get you to buy tickets before they can really say what will be there with any detail.

6. hmmm   
Jan 12 2008 13:22

I wouldn't buy an ents ticket now, they are practically unlimited (wait until just before the first price rise)... but seeing as there was a dinner waiting list of a couple of hundred last year... it might not be a bad idea to buy it sooner rather than later...

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