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Library Disruption to Continue During Exams

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Jan 18 2008 17:57

A balls-up during the refurbishment of the library means it will not be finished until well into the exams season, after rooms were built to incorrect sizes.

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1. Chris   
Jan 18 2008 19:34

Having to deal with the noise of building work whilst trying to study in the library for exams is totaly unacceptable.

If they cannot finish on time before exam season they should stop until the summer.

Jan 19 2008 04:41

Yet again, redevelopment is a shambles. Is anything ever done on time here at Imperial?

I bet even when the library is "opened" it won't be fully completed, just like Southside. Beit redevelopment? Expect at the earliest 2011, I reckon.

Jan 20 2008 09:12

oh my...

4. hmm   
Jan 20 2008 15:51

Felix breaking a story before Live!

Times are a changin'...

Jan 20 2008 17:36

For ?40,000 per year you'd hope they could break a few stories first (especially with such a good team this year)...

We are recruiting for people to help uncover dastardly plots, come to the bar night to have a chat. Also for people who can hack into the Felix email account so we get tip-offs at the same time as they do...

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