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Free education leads to a free society

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Jan 25 2008 11:48

Matty Hoban calls for a return to free education, rather than lumbering the poorest students with debt.

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1. Niall   
Mar 06 2008 00:45

While I admit your argument is well thought out and based on a set of altruisic ideals, do not forget they are based on your ideals.

If everybody thought like you, implementation of a free education would need no boundaries. Not everyone has the due diligence to appreciate the chance to learn. like the social welfare system in our country, the benefits to the needy will be fractioned by the scavenging opportunists who see a free ride. Hence the mess we live in, due to the attraction of our welfare state, feeding the able-yet-lazy to the detriment of the hard working providers who supply the revenues for these parasites.

Mar 06 2008 01:12

Heya Niall, have you been googling my name or your own and found this?

I admit that pragmatically free education is not feasible. I believe that a good solution would be a reduction in people going to university and just entering jobs alongside vocational training schemes, and this should be encouraged by schools as an honourable thing. University is not for anyone, so either those who are not suited will suffer or standards will have to drop. Alongside this I believe there should be schemes where companies can choose to sponsor students and students then are not entitled to a loan and tuition as it is provided. This would actively encourage better links with industry and help industry stabilise the economy through the knowledge they are investing in students. The government could provide tax incentives in order to encourage them to take part in such schemes. For the students who are careerists and not academics then it is a good platform for a job. For academics there can be a government support network still. I am not lambasting subjects though - if a university chooses to run certain courses then it is their right, as well as it is a student's right to attend them. However, if a careerist is merely taking a course in eg. horse psychology to get a graduate job, they would do well to enter into an industrial scheme.

Mar 06 2008 01:12

I admit that pragmatically free education is currently not feasible

Mar 13 2009 09:39

Sir I completed my MSc IS from A.U in 2005 may I have due around 40000/- social welfare pay only some amount remaining they will collect from us. I am not well in financial but I would like to prepare M.Tehc but those people cannot give my certificates Please help me in this issue...

Mar 13 2009 09:52


My first suggestion would be to learn how to write

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