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St Mary's underperforming in maternity services

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Jan 26 2008 13:14

A Healthcare Commission review has placed the maternity services at Imperial's St Mary's hospital amongst the worst in the country.

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Jan 26 2008 13:25

Never mind the "wake-up call for LONDON'S maternity services", it is more like a wake-up call for the maternity services at ST MARY'S.

Jan 26 2008 18:53

I found it vaguely embarrassing reading about this in the guardian and seeing all of Imperial college's teaching hospitals in the worst 30 hospitals. I mean it's only the maternity section, and nothing to do with me, but University college hospital wasn't there :|

Jan 27 2008 20:41

Agreed with Victoria Gibbs.

Jan 28 2008 16:40

To Victoria: University College Hospital doesn't have a maternity centre. The part of the UCLH trust that deals with maternity and neonatal services is the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Obstetric Hospital.

I guess the point stands though.

Jan 28 2008 23:02

cheers, yup i think it does still stand cos i vaguely remember UCH being listed as "fair" by this investigation in terms of maternity services.


Jan 29 2008 22:12

Well, it seems this is what they're blaming it on:

Jan 29 2008 23:36

*restrains herself from comment*

Jan 30 2008 07:09

*dies of shock*

9. cris   
Feb 24 2008 19:22

please, can someone suggest me a proper place to have my first baby? all I have read lately is so negative...I was addressed to North Middlesex, and got scared as soon as I read it is the worst maternity in England!!

Jun 12 2009 16:21

My daughter was in labor from june 4th 2009 to June 8th 2009. Hard excruxciating pain. Me, my x-husband and his girlfriend stayed with her everynight. At the advice of my friend, I had every sheet of notes copied in her file... there are so many discrepancies as to why they induced labor and let her suffer so long doping her up continuously to increase contractions and make her cervix open up. She stayed at 1centimeter for 2 days and 3centirmeters for 2 1/2 days then by the 5th day she, according to them, went from 5 to 10 centimeters. They had to redo her epidural for the 2nd time because the needle had "Moved" inredoing it the needle didn't go in the correct spot so they did it yet again this time even changing the epidural medicine. My daughter was in so much pain. I begged them to give her a C-section but they, nurses and doctors laughed and said we can't give her one she or baby has to be in distress. Excuse me but her cervix wasn't opening and she was screaming bloody murder with back and lower abdomen pain. The baby was in birth canal for a long time. They refuse to give a C-section. The baby didn't cry when she came out and arms and legs had no life, she was hardly breathing then breathing good and good heart rate but no life in arms and legs. before the baby was born they said reason for induction was 37 wks along, babies lungs were fully developed no reason not to keep my daughter. After birth, they said the reason for induction was inactivity. Mind you, when my daughter went to doc's visit on last Thurs. the baby was inactive for 35min but started to move and no one mention inactivity until now. The fact that she started to move during ultra sound made inactivity null and void. Now she is in intensive care, no real answers and many test done on her with no results yet. These are the things that's been mentioned: Water on brain, Metabolic Disease, Minor brain damage and now severe brain damage. She stopped breathing on her own on June 10th, Wednesday morning around 1:30ish she is on life support now. We will give her a couple more days and decide to take off Life support. She is totally dependent on Life Support. While we were there the nurse brought someone elses baby in my daughter's room. They didn't read the chart to see that she was type 2 diabetes and stopped her insulin and diabetic diet because one nurse told another my daughter ws not diabetic only gestational. Teenagers were running up and down the hall, loud, my daughter couldn't sleep. They had moved her to another room.

I am very frustrated and hurt. My daughter is devastated.

Michele, Grandmom

I love you Aaliyah Michele

Jun 12 2009 16:31

The above comments about Aaliyah Michele are from St. Louis, MO on Clayton.

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