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Straight Talking - Birthday Parties

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Jul 06 2001 18:45

Reflections on UROP's 21st Birthday celebrations.

Jul 06 2001 21:53

Or perhaps undergraduate research is exactly as important to college as they like to make out: not at all. College may like to talk up the role of undergraduates in research when on the topic of UROP anyway but in general its profile is so low it's practically invisible.

And what the hell is 'Staright Talking'?

Jul 09 2001 11:36

A typo.

3. Sunil   
Jul 10 2001 01:23

There's one other crucial difference between us and MIT - or indeed any good American uni.

MIT does a heck of a lot more research, and well over half the students are involved in term-time undergraduate research activity of some kind.

So of course many will stay on in the summers too, they actually have interesting and challenging projects.

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