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Minibus Crashing Season Starts

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Feb 01 2008 11:02

Canoe club have kicked off the minibus crashing season, after being hit from behind on a recent trip out.

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Feb 01 2008 12:46

Sliding door works fine - don't know what you're moaning about. The back doors aren't looking so hot thought, and yes, the chasis does appear rather bent.

Rather annoying though - we were just crusing, minding our own business on the inside lane of the A40 before, well, a ruddy great bang came out of no where.

Feb 01 2008 12:49

The sliding door works fine if you define "shutting with a gap between the door and the body" as "fine".

Feb 01 2008 12:53

It's fine then!

Feb 01 2008 12:57

So does this mean OTR now refers to Off The Road?

Feb 01 2008 23:13

If you check your facts you will find the LEZ will not impact on any of the older vehicles (pre 2005) until 2010.

Feb 02 2008 09:01

Indeed...however some of the older buses have already been replaced. The only fact stated was that the LEZ had led to a minibus cull, which is correct.

7. dan   
May 10 2009 22:27

The real correct fact is boris johnson canceled the need for minibuses to comply to LEZ BY 2010 and it was minibuses pre 2002 not 2005.

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