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How to win a Sabbatical Election

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Mar 02 2008 17:37

Ron takes us through the winning formulae needed to become an ICU Sabbatical Officer.

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Mar 02 2008 20:55

Unfortunately in my first year I'm dimly aware that I first voted for my re-app, then against the people offering cheaper beer (because I'm not that stupid), then finally for any female candidate left because I'm a girl too. Damn my stupidity!!!

But that can't be everyone's excuse, do you think the guys are just trying to keep more girls at Imperial?

Or is it just "she hot, me vote"?

Mar 02 2008 21:08

This year has been an exception- most years boys dominate the sabb positions. I think the 3 girls that won did so because they were mostly the most experienced people for the job.

Mar 02 2008 21:10

I wouldn't vote for a guy just because he's the opposite sex to me, that's just pathetic. So why patronise the guys at Imperial by suggesting they'd do the same, just cos they're in the majority?

Anyway aren't most of them gay and more likely to vote for the men anyway?

(that was a joke)

Mar 02 2008 21:14

Why not, do you think that they really care who runs the Union anyway?

Mar 02 2008 21:15

It is not true that female candidates always beat male candidiates. I remember Sophie Spilard (I Hope I spelt that right) who didn't win and was been both by Jon Matthews and Steven Brown, but I'm not sure. Also Emily Line lost to Tom Roberts. However, I think it helps to be a girl but it depends what kind of girl. Having talked to female election candidates in the past some were concerned that they would lose a lot of the female vote because they were female. However, most of the male candidates claimed that men were worse off because in the voters eyes a "hot girl" was 10x as good as an "ugly old bloke".

In my humble opinion I believe depends on the guys age and association with the union. Although I confess those possessing two X chromosomes are at a significant advantage.

6. ..   
Mar 02 2008 22:37

its just a popularity contest of how many people you know on campus, and how involved you are in union stuff already. also the photograph in the felix plays an important role. nothing else was a factor in making my decision. comon do u expect every voter to read the felix word for word and make their decison off that, dats crazy.

May 25 2008 20:29

Sabb elections are the most ridiculous thing in the world.

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