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Pre-Conference Bickering Heats Up

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Mar 29 2008 12:12

The rhetoric preceding next week's NUS conference is heating up, with bickering on the pages of the Guardian.

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Mar 29 2008 18:37

Brilliant last paragraph.

annoyingly i can't come, club commitment.

Mar 31 2008 09:57

Were you supposed to come in the first place?

Mar 31 2008 10:24

I presume Mark was asked when Jon Matthews/Luke Taylor dropped out...

Mar 31 2008 14:15

Final delegation for those people who couldn?t keep up:

  • Ashley Brown
  • Stephen Brown
  • Victoria Gibbs
  • Elizabeth Hyde
  • Jen Morgan
  • Kirsty Patterson
  • Camilla Royle

With the addition of:

  • Alex Grisman
  • Jess Marley
Mar 31 2008 20:16

Down with Mugabe and the oppressors of Tibet

6. Woo!!   
Mar 31 2008 21:57

Go girl power!! Very representative of imperial!!

Mar 31 2008 23:37

Great, the weather in Blackpool is going to be cold, wet and windy.

Thank god we're inside for most of the three days.

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