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Guilds President Resigns

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Apr 28 2008 10:44

The Guilds President, Tristan Sherliker, has resigned to concentrate on his academic life, due to a number of personal issues.

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Apr 28 2008 11:09


Apr 28 2008 11:18

He should have done it after the no confidence motion.

This way he gets to leave with a shred of dignity left. Just a shred though.

Apr 28 2008 14:00

I thankfully see this as an omen for Boris Johnson, what with the Old Etonian connection.

Apr 28 2008 14:07

I wish Tristan every luck with his academic endeavours, that is why we are here after all. He should have resigned earlier and his leaving now can no longer be called the honourable thing. Hopefully CGCU can move on now.

Apr 28 2008 15:01

Does this mean they will drop the court case about then no confidence?

Apr 28 2008 15:03

He deserve(d/s) to be no confidenced. Resigning is the easy way out for him. He made this mess, and he should face the consequences.

7. cynic   
Apr 28 2008 15:33

oh, this has made my day

Apr 28 2008 17:59

I trust Tristan will repay some of the money that the Guilds president gets from the CGCA on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of his term that he has not fulfilled...

9. Hmm.   
Apr 28 2008 20:28

If there was uncertainty about the constitution re. abstentions counting towards total voters then presumably it would still be useful to get a court ruling just for the constitutional interpretation for future cases.

10. Eugene   
Apr 28 2008 22:46

I believe the position of CGCU president is a part time sabb.

So the money the CGCU president gets paid is for work done the summer before the academic year begins.

Apr 28 2008 22:58

The CGCA provides a small bursary to Guilds officers, which overs work across the whole year. This is separate to the part-time sabb role.

12. MONEY   
Apr 29 2008 09:09

The money the president gets over the summer is for the work done over those 2 months.

The money he gets for the first term is for the first term

The money he gets for the second term is for the second term

He gets no money for the third term anyway so there is nothing to repay.

Apr 29 2008 17:29

Money - you are wrong. The two payments at the start of the first and second term are for the entire year - to help with funding accomodation and out of pocket expenses that the president might incur. So maybe he should consider repaying a 1/3....

Apr 29 2008 18:23

Don't worry, I'll cover it son. It's hardly worth bothering with anyway.

Apr 30 2008 15:36

I love you boy! Bring em down from within, your work will be rememberd froever! Now all we need is someone to continue your fine work next year! How perfect... A miner is standing!

Apr 30 2008 23:09

Time for a new article - and poll - LIVE IS GETTING BORING - cheer me up editor

Apr 30 2008 23:27

I agree, what has it been, like a whole 24 hours without a new article? We were averaging two a day!

Apr 30 2008 23:36

The poll will change tomorrow and there will be a new article in the morning....

Go to bed, or do some revision or something. Especially the one of you that is likely to fail.

May 02 2008 12:33


May 02 2008 12:45

And I'd quite like a PhD, so you'll have to wait ;)

You could always login and write some if you fancy, or get in touch and I'll get you to write a story I haven't had time to yet...

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