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75 Minutes for a Pizza

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Apr 30 2008 23:57

Students looking for a relaxing evening in the Union's bars are being disappointed, as food has been arriving over an hour after ordering.

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1. wow   
May 01 2008 00:12

everyone in the picture looks suitably disgusted at the late arrival of their pizza's except for s brown couch who appears annoyed that those goddamn lefties got one over him

May 01 2008 00:27

I wonder whether tempers where so high because no one had had their food?

Compulsory 3 course sit down meal before council for all attending, paid for by the union obviously.

May 01 2008 00:32

Right on to something- which I think you will agree with me is the case- slightly more important: do you think the jumper is a good look?

May 01 2008 06:49

No Mark, you look like Jon Matthews...and you still owe me ?20. Next time I see you I take ?20, or your knees.


Luke xx.

5. ooo   
May 01 2008 09:19

I quite like that jumper mark, suits you, one question though, when's the tee off?

Ah, the RSM paper, jolly good.

6. jess   
May 01 2008 11:25


thank you for calling me the "glamorous assistant"...however, couldn;t you find a photo where i'm pulling a more "glamorous" face!???!!!

May 01 2008 11:31

Damm, just realised that if you look closely enough you can see my nose is bent. :-<

May 01 2008 11:42

Jess - you aren't going like the other two I have of you any more than that one....

May 01 2008 17:25

Mark - you look like a fool! As does Jon Matthews

Jess, dont do the donkey work for these boys let them starve !!!! what the hell did their last slave die off, as grilfriend to Mark i give you full permission to tell him to swivel the next time he uses you as a slave lol !!!!

girl power !!! stick it to the man !!! woop woop xx

May 02 2008 01:47

Jess, you were a star! Us poor fools would have gone hungry if not for you selflessness.

I don't think the 'system' they've got going is entirely fair. I ordered my food after Mark and yet received mine before him.

12. ..   
May 02 2008 23:11

they should have comped that. i would never wait that long for a union pizza.

13. eh?   
May 03 2008 13:16

dominos arrive quicker and they have to drive from pimlico

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