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Heeps distraught over Portillo result

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Jul 18 2001 19:09

Former ICU President’s plans to canvass Tory membership thrown into disarray.

Jul 19 2001 11:09

Well, it's nice to know that you all still care. Not entirely sure where you got this from (Lorne), but I'm happy to put the record straight...

Yes, I wanted Portillo to win. Why? Let's take a simple analogy. If you have a bird, it needs a left wing and a right wing to fly. But it also needs a brain in the centre to co-ordinate the whole shebang. Whilst some of you socialist heathens may not agree on this point (left, left, left left left), I'm sure you will agree with me that Portillo's defeat has left the Tory party (note correct spelling Mustafa) looking more like a Dodo.

So yes, I'm pissed off. Frankly. Both Clarke and Duncan Smith will lead to the party splitting, but Duncan Smith is frankly mad. Instead, I'm going to organise a "write-in" campaign, and stand for the leadership myself. That'll teach 'em.


Jul 19 2001 13:52

Oh well,

Here's hoping IDS goes the way of William Hague. Or even better, Lord Archer!

Jul 19 2001 14:38

Clarke's views on Europe are indeed a problem. But Duncan Smith, will I suspect have a bigger problem, an inability to win General Elections. I'd rather a pro-European Conservative Government to the New Facist, I mean New Labour Government that is at present destroying our country.

4. stef   
Jul 20 2001 10:02

I'm not a fan of Portilo (I find him annoying, don't trust him and I think he gestures like Larry Grayshon), but it is another dark day for the Tory party. Its amazing the similarities between the NUS and the Tory MPs, both groups seem hell bent of destroying themselves by electing muppets - muppets being IDS for the torys and quite a lot of this years and lasts NUS fulltimers

I use to quite like Ken Clarke because of his Euro views, but then he was on Channel 4 news a few weeks ago saying some complete drivel

Jul 20 2001 15:17

What drivel? Most of what Clarke says is fairly sensible, in fact recently even his EU comments have been on the whole reasonably sensible!

Jul 20 2001 17:40

RE: Jason's Comment...


(ask if you want to know what this means...)

Jul 26 2001 23:36

Ah well, it's really rather immaterial. When the revolution comes all these Tory scumbags will be hung anyway for their crimes against humanity. Just like they would treat dole fiddlers! It's quite ironic really.

Or is it...

I'm confused.

Ah well, get out and get drunk, you sad people.

Aug 03 2001 12:22

Andy, who are you calling a socialist?

Aug 03 2001 16:49

I don't know. I was ranting. It happens sometimes...

10. Ingrid   
Aug 03 2001 22:07

I'm amazed tha no-one has pointed this out:

The same logic that denotes Lorne as a staunch IDSite must in turn put Heepsie squarely in the Clarke camp... going by defining physical characteristics, that is...

Aug 03 2001 22:56

Why, does Ken Clarke have an enourmous willy as well?

Aug 13 2001 11:57

As far as the Tory camp (no pun intended) goes, there was a sigh of relief upon the exit of the dago poof from the leadership race.

Portillo is unelectable, Duncan-Smith is unelectable, Clarke is (regrettably) the party's premier choice for a victory in the next election, he is Labour's only fear and for this reason I am prepared to sacrifice a couple of inches from the right.

Assuming we have a few years to breath on the Euro issue, my right honourable friend, Mr Kenneth Clarke, will have to approach the issue with a fair and unbiased referendum when he is elected Prime Minister. The outcome of this remains to be seen but that is tomorrow's battle. We have a lot of Labour mistakes to put on the right track first.

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