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Farce as ICU Counts London Elections

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May 02 2008 23:37

The London Elections have turned into a farce, with results set to be released over 4 hours late, because ICU was drafted in to run the count.

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May 02 2008 23:57

And that's a win for Boris...

May 03 2008 00:13

What a load of bs - ICU counting - no one is that stupid!

May 03 2008 00:15

BORIS WINS!!! Excellent news.

May 03 2008 00:22

"What a load of bs"

Yes, that's why it's called a spoof. Maybe some people *are* that stupid? ;)

May 03 2008 01:07

Oh bo**ocks. Ok, so Stalinstone not exactly fantastic, but I'd rather have the devil I know screwing up London than some blonde-haired bumbling idiot.

May 03 2008 01:08


OMG it's gonna be so funnyLOL he's gonna be running our infrastructure when he can't even talk to an ethnic minority without using accidental racial slursLOL! Omg I'm so glad I voted for Boris for a laughLOL. My "Watermelon smile" is so bigLOLOLOL!

May 03 2008 01:13

Oh holy sh*t - what has London done! - just listened to a BBC interview with him about half an hour after he was elected. One of his first comments went along the lines of: "of course I will say some stupid things" which at first sounds funny - but you then realise he will be in charge of an ?11billion budget...

May 03 2008 09:07

Everyone says stupid things. At least Boris knows he does, and it's infinitely preferable to him doing stupid things.

I second Ben Gray-saying stupid is very different to doing. I recommend reading his books-he is a highly intelligent guy and will do wonders for London!

May 03 2008 12:05

I've no doubt he's a highly intelligent guy, its just given his past history and the comments he has made, I don't think he is the best choice to represent London both to its citizens and the world. Best of luck to him though - I hope he doesnt balls it up for London's sake...

May 03 2008 18:49

Yes, because agreeing to give a journalists details to a known thug and criminal so he an go and break the said journalists legs is a really non-stupid thing to do.

And it's not so much what he's done that's stupid, it's what has he done at all apart form be comedic? F**k all, that's what.

May 04 2008 11:27

You are a knob jockey

May 04 2008 21:39

Rather a knob jockey than a criminal...

14. piffle   
May 04 2008 21:46

You don't get a scholarship to Eton and a degree from Oxford without intelligence, dear.

Boris won, accept that. If you don't like it then leave London - you pansy a**ed knob jockey!

May 05 2008 14:45

I wept openly.

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