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Engineering Elections 2008: Manifestos

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May 07 2008 12:23

Manifestos for central Guilds candidates and departmental representatives/society chairs for the Engineering departments taking part in these elections.

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1. This post has been deleted.
May 07 2008 12:41
May 07 2008 12:47

I would like to remind people posting on Live! that we do not enforce the election rules in comments. Your posts are your own responsibility and if you are a candidate, or have seconded a candidate, you risk getting disqualified/getting your candidate disqualified.

Campaign material MUST be approved by the returning officer and posts on here may be construed to be campaigning.

3. ron   
May 07 2008 13:46

Ron them! Ron them all!! And put Ron before Rosie Smithells.

May 07 2008 16:06

Go God!!! (That's ben moorhouse to you)

May 07 2008 17:34

Ben, I think it's great you want to improve feedback in the department (although I'd say you'll have a tough time getting any improvement - we complain about feedback at every staff-student meeting and very little changes), but as far as I know this is not one of EESoc's responsibilities. Year reps/dep reps (who are not part of the EESoc committee) deal with these issues.

May 07 2008 18:21

Where's Milli?

May 07 2008 19:08

She withdrew from the election. I sadly don't know why.

8. cinic   
May 07 2008 19:17

different faces same old promises i wonder how long it will take this lot to quit/ under achieve?

9. Synic   
May 07 2008 19:55

It will take more than a few fancy promises to change anything. It really needs a lot of fresh impetus to make guilds good again.

And I could never vote for anybody who used a photo of themselves with their collar up!

May 07 2008 20:05

i think ron will be getting quite a few of my votes. guilds needs a lot of sorting out and i dont think many of these people can and will do it.

11. Owen   
May 07 2008 21:34

@ engineer: Are you one of the candidates standing? If not then perhaps you should consider one of the vacant positions. Whilst i do not disagree that guilds could use some fresh impetus i certainly do disagree that RON is the one to provide it.

@ Synic: collar up is absolutely the way to go.

May 07 2008 22:08

@ Owen: I'm not standing but up until the last moment was certainly thinking about it. The odds are that I will run for one of the vacant positions, i'm just waiting to see what happens.

I agree that RON isn't always the way to go but I do believe that we shouldn't just elect people because we want the positions filled. That said, I am open minded and depending on what all the candidates say my opinion might change.

May 07 2008 22:38

Where is Joseph Jezic von Gesseneck???

May 08 2008 09:10

I have now added manifestos for all those people who asked for an extension due to exams/meetings etc. The delay was caused by a stubborn fire engine...

May 08 2008 12:42

Where is Aeronautical Engineerings representative?

16. Editor   
May 08 2008 12:58

If a position is not shown, it is because nobody for that position submitted a manifesto.

17. query   
May 08 2008 15:27

can kirsty really say she was welfare campaigns officer 06-07 when she only filled the vacancy for the very end?

May 08 2008 15:57

If you count 'the very end' as standing for the post in October 2006 and fulfilling it up to August 2007, maybe. ;)

I was elected at the second Council meeting of the year.

May 08 2008 16:00

May I ask the candidates HOW they are going to their promises?

May 08 2008 16:02

Sorry add in ...HOW they are going to make thier promises happen

21. query   
May 09 2008 00:16

Sorry kirsty, i got my facts wrong, or else my memories getting a bit holey.

May 09 2008 01:28

To another querer, come to hustings later today, and find out.

May 09 2008 09:20

If you're going to judge the candidates on how they wear their clothes then put your name down instead of an incorrect spelling of the word cynic.

May 09 2008 11:38

In answer to another querer;

"I will put time aside for my club officers" I am going to hold regular meetings with club officers and I'll be in the Guilds office almost every lunchtime when they can visit and ask questions.

"Fight for every penny in the Spring budgeting round" I will spend time putting a strong budget together. By this I mean I will talk to all club and society treasurers who's budget requests I don't understand or know their point of view, so that when I take the budget to CSB my arguments are watertight.

"Keeping the finance in good order" is more subjective. Claims and income take so long to appear on the web accounts (marquee hire for the Autumn Ball and BP sponsorship for LMS still missing from Guilds exec). I will keep my own up to date records and chase the finance department for anything missing. I will also ensure that spending is from the correct categories/events budget.

May 11 2008 14:33

Is anyone else going to respond?

26. majd   
Aug 18 2008 15:33


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