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Faculty of Engineering Elections: Preliminary Results

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May 19 2008 21:47

This evening's ICU Council meeting saw the announcement of results for the main CGCU positions, with departmental results also available here.

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1. Milli   
May 19 2008 21:50

Can we see the no of votes etc anywhere? Will they be on the Union website? T'would be interesting

May 19 2008 21:53

"A detailed breakdown, along with departmental results, will be published shortly."

Do some revision.

May 19 2008 22:10

snoochie boochies, mark mearing smith, takes the title with his fist

4. Milli   
May 19 2008 22:26

Matt that's an unfortunate photo of you

5. haha   
May 19 2008 22:31

on first reading I thought "(Photo: Kris Till)" read Kill Tris

May 20 2008 08:50

100+ votes from the entire Faculty of Engineering. That's quite a feat.

May 20 2008 09:45

What does snoochie boochies mean?

May 20 2008 09:46

Mark got more votes for Guilds President than the next ULU President got for that position...

May 21 2008 10:13

Nice to see that CGCU is representitive of all its students, and not just a haven for hacks.

Oh, wait

May 21 2008 17:38

MechSoc....this is painful

11. Cynic   
May 21 2008 19:45

It's all for CV's anyway and I cannot remember the last useful thing my year rep did

May 22 2008 19:39

I don't think anyone elected to guilds this year is a hack (excluding patterson), active in guilds previously, yes, but single minded, student political knob end? not really. Mearing Smith is a fresh face, John James is active in clubs and LMS in the past, but not a perennial officer. Matthew Taylor is also a fresh face. Clearly Change? you are a scientist who ain't got a clue.

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