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ICU and RCSU Elections 2008: Results

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May 23 2008 22:36

Results of the ICU and RCSU elections were released to Live! this evening, with a huge turnout for the race to be ICU Council Chair.

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May 23 2008 23:30

BREAKING NEWS: Hack crowned RCSU king, scientists bow down.

2. Medic   
May 24 2008 10:38

Why no medic results?

May 24 2008 14:20

So now we get to see Jackie Fok and Lauren Anderson-Dring lez it up! Right?

4. jess   
May 24 2008 15:29

Ashley - why haven't you put up the matsh dep rep???

May 24 2008 20:48

Maths dep rep wasn't up because we missed it off... now fixed.

Medic results - no-one has sent them to me. I don't even know who's running them ... the medics are a reclusive lot!

6. Medic   
May 24 2008 20:53

I believe they are on the medic union website if you want to put them up here as well.

May 24 2008 21:48

Guess who I am?

May 24 2008 21:56

Maybe Mark?

May 24 2008 23:23

Where be the medic results boo!

Mark's president - I think he'll do a good job. The rest of the results are boring, lots of positions for lots of MTAS points ;)

As for these results... go Tim!

10. Jaimie   
May 27 2008 13:46

I thought that the problem with MTAS was that these positions didn't really matter?

And yeah, I think Mark will be good, even if I don't like uncontested elections...

11. This post has been deleted.
Nov 24 2008 21:49

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