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Snippets - 26/05/2008

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May 27 2008 19:30

A totally harmless non-column; Stoic Flooded; Eggscitement in Beit; Gums on Mars; Results Rise; Musical Desks.

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1. JJ   
May 27 2008 22:09

When you say "but I did" has something changed since I was last in the office?

May 27 2008 22:15

You were there when it printed a test page...

3. ...   
May 28 2008 09:51

The number of times I've heard that the guilds office has been re-arranged...... why dont u do sumthin useful and organise some events for a change

4. JJ   
May 28 2008 10:19

Don't worry, the events are coming.

May 28 2008 11:09

Like what?

6. mmm   
May 28 2008 12:01

Like 'The Great Guilds Office Re-arrangement Extravaganza" open to all and sundry!! Only a few of the committee will attend, but hey at least they did SOMETHING...

7. JJ   
May 28 2008 14:29

Well I'm planning a beer festival but people who make non-constructive posts aren't invited!

8. Ed   
May 28 2008 21:51

We are trying to plan things for the last week of term. also there is a possibility of a engineering design competition. given I am about to start 3 weeks of exams there is a limit to the work that I can do, however hopefully we will be able to announce some things soon.

May 29 2008 14:19

It's good to see that some things are being done, but wouldn't it be better to try and plan things for earlier next year rather than to try and fit things around exams and peoples leaving plans? Rather than putting money into events which I am guessing will be poorly attended, even after exams are finished?

10. chris   
May 29 2008 20:31

Yay, more water in stoic's gallery today. Came down at 6 and was nearly flushed out of the office...

May 30 2008 18:57

I am eggxtremely disheartened to hear that something so immature, such as egg-throwing, would still take place in an eggstablishment like Imperial. it's not eggxactly a funny yolk. It must be the revision that's scrambling their brains

May 31 2008 10:15

Hey, a big well done: the office has been re-arranged for the last 5 consecutive years (previously under the watchful eyes of Sherlicker, Fok, McIver and Collins (Patel thought about it, but i think in the end he was too lazy). And out of all of them you've done it the quickest.

Well Done!

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