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MechEng/Aero Merger Scrapped

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May 30 2008 17:06

A proposed merger of MechEng and Aero has been scrapped, but the departments will be forced to collaborate more in their new building.

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May 30 2008 18:17

Thank god for that!

May 30 2008 18:44

Thanks god for that!

May 30 2008 18:55

Mech Eng can't spell.

May 30 2008 19:23

A wise decision. Anybody who remembers the Biochemistry and Biology 'merger' will know what an utter disaster it was.

5. Owen   
May 31 2008 18:28

Have they set out a time scale for the new building yet? And is that photo looking up Exhibition road? Does that mean that the whole of exhibition road is going to be pedestrianised?

6. BIo   
Jun 01 2008 16:07

haha in our dreams

Jun 02 2008 08:34

No, they're going to take away the pavements.

I've heard rumours of a timescale of around 18 (plus of minus 6) months for the start of the building project, but that is probably way out.

8. hack   
Jun 03 2008 22:53

The South East Quadrant project is still very much under discussion... all sorts of wild rumours about which depts will stay/go there... not just mecheng and aero...

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