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ICU Colours Awards 2008

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Jun 10 2008 11:19

Last night's Council approved the Union's colours awards for 2008, with an extremely unusual three distinguished fellowships being awarded.

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1. no 1   
Jun 10 2008 13:03

why did Ram Gidoomal get a president's award?

Jun 10 2008 14:31

Might this be a good time to do a review of the union year?

Jun 10 2008 14:33

A review will follow when the Union have put theirs into Felix/onto the website.

Jun 11 2008 11:52

I'm I the only person who has finally realised it's time to stop playing in the Union? :-)

Jun 12 2008 11:27

Has anyone else noticed that the tie at the back in the picture is not an ICU colours tie at all, it's an RCSU one.

Jun 12 2008 17:02

Yeah me me me! It's been like that for years now. Dunno why they don't update the photo. RCS colours ties kick a**e though.

Jun 14 2008 22:12

I wonder who they could have been refering to in Lily's award: "She can be firm when she needs to be, but without sounding patronising unlike some of her predecessors"



(ex SCC chair)

Jun 15 2008 00:48

Ohoho how very funny of you to drop by and leave that gem of comedy for us to enjoy. Maybe if you hadn't been such a gawky, wierd and alienating presence in the SCC, you would have got an award. Arrgh, I've had enough of you socially inept, try-hard physics wierdos on Live! - you and Kilian. ditch this bulls**t

Jun 15 2008 15:26

lady of the night: you really need to get layed. humourless tosser

Jun 20 2008 18:06

I got plenty of awards thank you lady of the night, but I don't mind your comment, I'm continuously mocked about it anyway. However, I take offence at being called "gawky".

Jun 20 2008 21:22

Why did Luke get an award... there are several sporting societies that he has totally ignored this year..!!

12. hmm   
Jun 21 2008 12:02

I hear he hasn't called an ACC meeting since the ACC AGM in March despite his standing orders requiring him to call a meeting once a month...

Jun 21 2008 12:34

Who cares what the standing orders say? Luke does whats best for ACC and if further meetings were deemed not to be of much use then credit to him for not wasting eveyones time. We elect people like Luke to lead the ACC according to what they believe is in their best interests. It is good that in this instance he has taken the ACC standing orders as a guide rather than taking a more pedantic, absolutist approach to his role.

It is about time that people realised that students don't care about constitutions and standing orders. Oh well, as long as a few deluded hacks get to kid each other on that by fiddling with the rules then they are actually making a difference for students then comments like the one above will continue to be made.

14. Eugene   
Jun 22 2008 13:58

Constitutions and standing orders are boring and hacky but necessary. how else can you hold somebody to account for not carrying out their job description if it is not clearly defined? You would complain if the DPFS never dealt with club queries because he is too busy running commercial services and thinks clubs are a waste of time. Or if the ACC treasurer didn't process and write claims just because she thought this was not in the interests of the ACC. Similarly Luke is supposed to carry out the basic tasks required of him which are outlined clearly in standing orders.

I might point out that CSC meetings are important for disseminating information and approving contingency claims. Not holding a CSC meeting means that any club who needs to make a claim for emergency money cannot do so... Luke cannot just award contingency claims as he likes! So if ACC Cricket were to have all their kit stolen whilst at an away match, they'd have no way of claiming contingency for it.

There's a reason behind CSC standing orders requiring monthly CSC meetings - to cater for demands of clubs who have activities at different times of year, and not just those who function during the BUSA season. These standing orders are not made up by deluded hacks with too much time; some thought process goes in to each amendment.

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