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Voting Opens in NUS Referendum

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Jun 17 2008 00:04

Voting has opened in the NUS referendum, closing on the 23rd June, but will quorum be reached?

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Jun 17 2008 01:12

whats with the new election/survey site?? its a bit spooky how often it changes. Personally I preferred the "old" one.

Jun 17 2008 08:01

That's the survey site rather than the voting site - the voting software doesn't allow a 'Yes/No' answer, but the survey software does.

It's only at it because they started advertising it as that before realising that they needed to use the survey software instead.

3. Rob F   
Jun 17 2008 13:30

I doubt they'll make quorum. There isn't nearly the amount of publicity as there was last time (with all the penguins and s**t). I have a feeling apathy will be the "Yes" campaign's biggest Ally. In theory all the yes campaigners could just not vote leaving the "no" campaign to recruit 1800 to their cause (a tough ask in Imperial's generally apathetic climate - especially this time of year). Still, it'll be interesting to see the result none the less.

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