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Wye castrator sentenced

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Jul 31 2001 18:44

Community service for animal rights fanatic who stole the Wye College Beagles.

1. Sam   
Jul 31 2001 19:13

A "Stud" beagle???

you gotta be kidding me right?

Jul 31 2001 19:17

Don't worry Sam, stud that you are, theywon't come after you!!!

Aug 01 2001 15:37

So, this is where the studs hang out where there is nothing better to do during the summer.

Jesus guys, will you just leave the Union alone for two minutes!

Aug 02 2001 09:50

Obviously not, as you have demonstrated yourself :-)

5. Rob   
Aug 02 2001 15:58

How can a so called animal lover castrate anything. Is there any way a court can pass a sentence of castration on this protester. That would certainly act as a deterent.

Aug 02 2001 18:41

I for one am in favour of castrating convicted sex offenders. It would be much more effective than prison or community service.

Aug 08 2001 15:11

Not a bad point, but castration is irreversible (what if they are found innocent) and rather barbaric (so unlikely to gain the support needed).

What about chemical treatment? Would modern medical technology allow (removable) implants that remove an implantee's sex drive? While we're at what about one that dampens aggression? They could detec hormones like testerone and release inhibitors. Is this feasible?

Feb 05 2005 23:43

Good job friend, keep the ALF going.

I don't belive the casteratation was nessecary, but we don't know all the details...

9. Tom E   
Feb 06 2005 02:45

Nice idea about the implants, but unfortunately, that would encounter similar (although less blatant) problems as imposing castration. One could argue that an anti-aggression or anti-sex-drive implant would remove free will from the equation (a-la "A Clockwork Orange").

The current penal system is based on the idea of rehabilitation where possible. If you had a reversible implant that stopped or reduced the likelihood of you offending, whats to stop you repeating the crime once your sentence is up and the implant is removed? While a fitting punishment, reversibly removing someone's sex drive may not encourage reform as much as suffering the indignities of a prison sentence.

Now that I've made a "serious point", I'd like to offer my confusion at why an organisation concerned with liberating animals would castrate one. Maybe next we should start controlled extermination of Cows because they cause air pollution.

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