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Sykes Heads Out

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Jun 27 2008 22:43

Imperial's outgoing Rector, Sir Richard Sykes, left the College after a small leaving party on Upper Dalby Court yesterday.

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Jun 28 2008 00:38

I think it's obvious in order to challenge the MITs and CALTECHs of the world we needed a corporate figure in-charge and "damn" has he changed things around here.

Jun 28 2008 11:17

Is that Matthew Taylor in a DIRTY tunic?!!!

Jun 28 2008 18:15

Although I think a lot of us love to hate Sir Richard -- and yes, he has made some (sometimes monumental) screw-ups in his time -- on the whole he has somehow managed to bring Imperial kicking and screaming into the 21st century; something I think Imperial actually needed.

Jun 29 2008 02:12

"bring [enter any institution set up in 20th Century] kicking and screaming into the 21st century"

Most overused expression of the 21st Century so far.

How did the fact that the year 2000 happen suddenly alter culture? It is one of those bloody pop vox notions that only seems to describe superficial change, i.e. getting a nice website with ajax enabled. Turns out not much has changed in the zeitgeist in this century from the last, it just turns out the fundamental problems of the world have either changed or just shifted geographically.

The one quirk of time really is that change can be measured, but such change is independent of your method of measurement.

5. Dan   
Jun 29 2008 23:05

The one memory that will stick with me will be being astounded on my first day of College; sitting in the Great Hall, Sir Richard walking onto stage, expecting perfect RP and out comes this alarmingly strong Yorkshire accent!

Bloooooooooooody 'eck! .....didn't ACTUALLY say that or anything.....

Jul 02 2008 14:06

Ah shame. Nobody invited me to the party.

Jul 02 2008 14:35

Is that a creaking coffin I hear in the distance...

9. Danny   
Jul 21 2008 15:09

Looks like Dickie has found himself a new project!,,2291962,00.html

10. nice 1   
Jul 21 2008 15:48

That is certainly setting a cat amongst the pidgeons.

I look forward to hearing his conclusions on how effective the school system is on preparing the youth of today to embark on non degrees, or as Dickie likes to refer to them "bloody silly courses".

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