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Trustee Board Passes Revised Media Regulations

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Jul 17 2008 12:24

Last night's Trustee Board meeting passed new media regulations intended to clarify the Staff-Student Protocol.

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Jul 18 2008 20:00

Ashley, this is weak!

Jul 18 2008 20:12

It's called a 'follow up'. And also has important ramifications for news reporting next year, so yes, it is news.

If you want less 'weak' news, write some, or shut up. Or set fire to a College building.

Jul 18 2008 22:53

If a member of staff was acting in a way that damaged the union surely the students that the union serves should be notified. If the information used in a report was found to be incorrect or unproven could it not be blocked on the grounds of being libelous? A blanket ban on any discussion of staff matters damages the inegrity of the union rather than maintaining it.

Jul 18 2008 23:03

incitement to arson

ashley you're going to jail

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