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Kingston Thrown Out of League Tables

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Jul 25 2008 18:29

The psychology department at Kingston University is to be thrown out of this year's university satisfaction league tables, after Live! exposed their cheating.

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1. ..   
Jul 25 2008 23:31

I see live is causing mischief again

2. n/a   
Jul 26 2008 18:03

That headline is perhaps a bit strong.

Then again

"One Kingston Department not listed in one Student Satisfaction Results Table" is probably less catchy.

Aug 15 2008 02:20

Your headline is catchy but not unreasonably sensationalist. Indeed, HEFCE did throw Kingston's Psychology Department out of this year's League Tables. Who is ultimately responsible for this? Where does the buck stop? Why is no one holding the University's chief officials responsible for this sorry state of affairs?

Aug 15 2008 09:24

Who is ultimately responsible for this?

The government that has created such a broken market in higher education and newspapers which rank universities on the basis of student satisfaction, rather than an independent assessment of teaching quality and job prospects.

Why is no one holding the University's chief officials responsible for this sorry state of affairs?

Who would do it? The government won't do it, because they'd have to admit that their system is broken (the emails to the BBC have shown that it is a widespread problem amongst the poorer universities). HEFCE have tried by throwing Kingston's psych department out, in an attempt to make an example of them. They should have thrown the whole university out and cut their funding - *that* would've made an example of them.

The national media did a reasonable job of damaging Kingston's reputation.

Ultimately, Kingston students should be demanding answers - and also questioning if they get the quality of education that the officials claim they get. KUSU finally seem to have made a comment on it, but it's a bit weak: I have no idea how effective Kingston's student media is, but the fact that there's a Kingston protest site and no student media-led campaign suggests they could do with getting the claws out and really tearing into the university administration. Unless Kingston, like many universities, keeps its student union and media under tight control.

Oct 27 2008 08:46

I SO agree with you, Ashley. You've hit the nail on the head on all counts. And especially respecting HEFCE's response.

Fear not, there's plenty more on the docket for Kingston to be held accountable. Stay tuned.....

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