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A-levels soar as Imperial tops Sex Poll

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Aug 15 2008 14:04

Record breaking exam results have left students battling for places at Imperial, now ranked number one for sex ratio.

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1. Matt   
Aug 15 2008 15:36

We also top the "Most expensive private rents" table:

2. lolz   
Aug 15 2008 16:12

Funny! What have they based these rankings of pulling potential on - if its just the sheer number of males then they ought to redo they're calculations. They clearly haven't taken "factor Y"* into account ;)

*Factor Y = males at Imperial

(I'm teasing, of course)

Aug 15 2008 16:15

You mean "Factor Y = gay males at Imperial", surely?

And why can't Imperial students just live wherever Westminster students are living and cycle/take the tube a bit further? Aren't Westminster and SOAS in similar locations, give or take a mile?

Maybe Imperial students have more expensive tastes/higher standards when it comes to accomodation.

Aug 15 2008 16:23

"The odds are good, but the goods are odd" ever the Imperial female's mantra...

Jun 06 2009 23:39

Yes, I'm late coming to this discussion but...

How did Imperial end up first with the RCM at 8th? We're in the same goddamn place!

6. @5.   
Jun 07 2009 02:05

But they have music students. So more girls? Basically.

7. @6   
Jun 07 2009 09:37

I think he meant how did RCM end up 8th in the "Most expensive private rents" table. The only thing I can think is that RCM students choose to live further away to save money?

Jun 07 2009 12:04

RCM Halls of Residence...


Weekly rents for the 2008/09 Academic Year are:

Large single ?122 per week (?5246 for 43 weeks)

Standard single ?106 per week (?4558 for 43 weeks)

Shared ?69 per week (?2967 for 43 weeks)

Compare that to Imperial College's Accommodation prices and that might explain it a bit.

Jun 07 2009 15:28

That explains their absence from the "Most expensive university housing" list (which Imperial actually isn't in either!), not the fact that they are #8 in the "Most expensive private rents" table...

Jun 07 2009 16:01

It'd probably help if I read the article rather than just the headline and comments, wouldn't it?? XD

Jun 07 2009 17:40

Maybe as they have a lot less contact hours, they do not mind living further out. A one hour commute there and back twice a week, compared to a half hour commute five days a week (or seven days a week if you are a final year chemical engineering student!)

Jun 08 2009 13:40

obviously miss fatterson was not included, otherwise the sex poll would've fallen out VERY differently

Jun 08 2009 13:58

I like girls who cheat on men

Jun 08 2009 19:06

my name is Lord Jonathan and i invented the wheel. note how the only words i capitalise are my name and titles

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