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Aug 02 2001 20:56

City & Guilds College Union launches new Intranet

1. Sam   
Aug 05 2001 18:27

Looks good to me, seems functional and easy to use.

2. Rob   
Aug 06 2001 13:50

If they could book the office part,then that would include a kitchen sink, and a microwave and a fridge ...

Aug 06 2001 18:48

Hmmm. I hadn't thought of that. Booking the sink...

4. sam   
Aug 07 2001 00:09

can i book it every friday night in term time...? that way i won't have to puke on the floor any more...

Aug 07 2001 10:26

Note to concerned parties: do not allow Sam to sign out office key on fridays......;-)

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