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Snippets - 06/10/2008

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Oct 06 2008 13:19

A start-of-the-term non-column: Library closed for reopening; 'Knowledge' retailed on campus; Imperial College, London?; Welcome back felix.

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Oct 06 2008 15:16

Directed towards KIRBY patterson. The Hangman team appreciates your comments on felix, and would just like to say thank you. By slandering felix in such an immature way you've openly made yourself a target. Well done, and good luck. Just remember that if you were a semi-competent editor, you would have seen your mistake. How sad.

2. Dan   
Oct 06 2008 15:26

Why does everyone at Imperial feel the need to undermine everyone and everything else? It doesn't better them.

Oct 06 2008 15:33

felix wonders if Live! Editor Kirsty Patterson just needed some filler when she tried to undermine the efforts of the felix team.

Oct 06 2008 15:50

You managed to find spelling AND 'grammer' errors?

Since when are subjects like Law, Philosophy, Politics not real subjects?


Oct 06 2008 15:51

Oh, that was supposed to be funny.

I missed the boat just like all the other times it has been done on live!.

Oct 06 2008 16:17

Why are Felix so grumpy this year? Is Jovan not dishing out enough man-love?

7. Seb   
Oct 06 2008 16:21

The comma returns!

Oct 06 2008 16:57

Directed towards 'Felix Hangman'. I'm glad you appreciate this little bit of free publicity. How exactly is this slanderous? I took the p*** out of myself...!

And which mistake were you referring to?

Oct 06 2008 22:19

Speaking of Felix -- chauvinistic pigs or what?

Ok -- tongue in cheek lines about the gender imbalance at Imperial are quite fair enough. But I (and quite a few folks I've spoken to) think that Felix has gone WAY too far this time.

Oct 07 2008 07:15

Poor Kirsty. Why does no one understand that 'Snippets' is supposed to be humorous. Either your just not funny or there's a massive sense of humour failure somewhere.

11. Jimmy   
Oct 07 2008 16:56


12. @ Dan   
Oct 08 2008 00:54

Everyone has to undermine everyone else at Imperial becuase they are all guys. Guys with no girlfriends.

13. Alice   
Oct 09 2008 18:39

Jov would like to point out he has been dishing out plenty of man love. That's why no-one did any work and all of those spelling mistakes crept in...

14. Fonzie   
Oct 09 2008 21:49

Alice alice alice... oh hai! x

Oct 13 2008 23:17

Just picked up the first two Felixes (Felices?) courtesy of my housemate..

My god - what a load of misogynistic s**te. There seemed to be no end to the whining about nerdiness, girls and the poor state of social affairs at Imperial. OH MAI GAWD SHOCK HORROR. IC isn't perfect. Whining about it won't help. Especially not in a Freshers' issue. Christ, Jovan, have some f**king common sense.

Additionally, the horoscopes suck. They're supposed to be surreal, not boring formulaic "you suck and won't get laid".

Poor show all round, guys.

Oct 13 2008 23:20

Actually, reading that, it came across as a little harsh. I was just quite surprised with quite how much of it was angry and aimed against everyone but the writer. Oh well. Given time, I'm sure Jov'll find his feet.

Oct 14 2008 00:14

about two pages in the felix poke fun at imperial students (and the writers themselves obviously, being imperial students also) and people come out with bulls**t like "what a load of misogynistic s**te" get a grip and some perspective.

the felix has page after page of interesting content and some light relief and jovan has been doing a great job

Oct 14 2008 10:41

I have to admit, I picked up the first Felix, skimmed it, then put it down. Then forgot where I'd put it. All the articles except the offending Hangman/Coffee Break thinsg seem to be up.

Given the responses on here I had a look at Hangman and Coffee Break this week and while it sails close to the wind (as last year) I think its quite hard not to take it as a joke.

Having said that, towards the end of last year it was nasty but quite witty. The summer seems to have taken the wittiness away (preferring just to be nasty), but I suspect that's down to a summer working...

In other news, weird that stoic tv and Felix were turned away from the library opening and only Live! got in.

Oct 15 2008 01:25

To be fair to Felix and Stoic I think I got in for other reasons and noone was stupid enough to wrestle my camera off me...

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