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Access to Learning Fund Slashed

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Oct 21 2008 20:34

The Imperial College Access to Learning Fund has had it's budget for this year nearly halved after a 'change in priorities' cost the fund £100,000.

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Oct 21 2008 20:44

And for those in engineering departments, you can also apply to the City & Guilds College Association's charitable trust, the OC Trust.

More information here:

I believe the RCSA has something similar if someone from the RCSU would like to pop up and post details.

Oct 22 2008 10:45

Damm Ashley! You've given away my little secret - hardly anyone applies to the OC Trust!

3. Steve   
Apr 24 2009 11:17


I applied for Access to Learning Fund because by now (end of April) I ran out of my savings. I have no idea how I will pay my rent and food from next week. My application was rejected this week, the Finance Office simply says that I should have gone work.

Does anyone know where I could make an appeal against the decision of the university? Which authority/law firm deals with this kind of complaints? Please write me if you have any idea to . Thanks, Steve.

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