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Masquerade Ball Approaches

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Oct 25 2008 12:18

CGCU's Annual Ball takes place on Friday 31st October. Dinner Tickets have already sold out with Entertainments Tickets catching up behind.

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Oct 27 2008 11:02

Thanks Bugsy, when did I say this?

Nice petty little snipe there. Well done.

Oct 27 2008 13:33

Speaking to the person who provided the quote to Live! they maintain that it is accurate.

It does say that you 'joked' Chris. It is fairly ironic that you can't take a joke that you made yourself...

Live! has reported for as long as it has been in existance on events that have or have not made a loss. I fail to see how this instance is 'petty' in comparison to any of the rest.

Oct 27 2008 16:27

So where was the article on the Guilds Ball making a ?2.5k loss last year as a result of lying and subterfuge on the part of Guilds? Someone bias me thinks.

Perhaps if you were around in the last month of your Sabbatical term instead of rearranging furniture in the Guilds office you would have been involved in the discussions as to why the Summer Ball didn't make any money this year.

Grow up and stop using Live as a ego-inflating organ for Guilds hacks.

4. Meow   
Oct 27 2008 17:15

Ouch! Touched a rather raw nerve there, apparently...

Oct 27 2008 19:02

This event is ridiculously overpriced, especially the ents-only ticket.

6. umm   
Oct 27 2008 20:53

Yeah but it's going to be just like that bit in 'Eyes Wide Shut' with loads of shagging and whores, right? Right?

Oct 27 2008 23:58
Oct 28 2008 00:54

I sincerely apologise to anyone who didn't want to read the above post. I didn't really want to say it either. I just got a bit upset and feel I probably deserve the right to defend myself.

Heyho. I'm sure I'll regret this in the morning.

Oct 28 2008 10:16

Just f**king email each other if you wanna bitch.

Oct 28 2008 10:46

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what a bunch of children!

Nov 01 2008 21:36

Oh dear, a couple of ugly people arguing about a non-issue, typical politics.

So the ball, very sparsely attended but everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves. It seems that they get smaller every year though!

12. WTF   
Nov 02 2008 16:42

May I just point out that over 800 people attended the ball!

Nov 02 2008 17:50

I know of quite a few freshers who gatecrashed. There was lax security/nobody on the door I believe!

Although the need to gatecrash is usually a sign of a good party I believe the price also played a part.

Nov 02 2008 20:47

I know at least 5 people who went to ents without paying. No one gave a s**t. There was zero checking.

Nov 02 2008 20:49

Party was fun though.

Nov 03 2008 11:17

Could the reason that there was poor checking on the door be because the union stewards seemed to spend quite a bit of time putting up posters (with sellotape, on glass - both against union poster rules) advertising free entry to the Colin Murray event at the union?

Using stewards to try and attract people away DURING the event (there was a minimum bar spend in the College bars) is VERY bad form.

Nov 03 2008 12:21

Those I know who gatecrashed were at the Colin Murray event and then realised he was c**p and liked playing Feeder a little too much. Also having realised the gatecrashing potential of the ball they ran home to halls to pull on their tuxes!

18. HA HA   
Nov 03 2008 14:04

So is this why I'm getting stupid emails from DPCS reminding all club officers of poster rules...? I hope she cc'd the Union staff in too!

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