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CGCU Elections: Manifestos

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Oct 25 2008 13:08

It's time for the candidates you met earlier in the week to tell you exactly why you should vote for them. Here are the manifestos.

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1. Voter   
Oct 25 2008 13:18

Not sure why I'd want someone who cannot spell words like 'writer' and cannot keep to a word limit as a Livic Editor.

It's a shame that four of the candidates didn't submit anything. Worth the effort of voting for if they can't put the effort into winning our votes?

Oct 28 2008 14:13

When is voting?

Nov 01 2008 12:45

running of the society. I believe I am that person. I have strong friendships with many of the committee members and friends throughout the 4 years of undergraduate studies. My closeness to the president, both in position and friendship allows me to advise him on all decisions. As vice-president I will make sure I am the voice of students, bringing to the committee what the students want to achieve from the society. I will make sure the committee spends its money wisely on events that are fun, events that involve

Nov 01 2008 20:24

What are you on about?

Nov 04 2008 21:21

Just voted for the council positions and was able to vote for CGCU Chairman but not for any of the other positions listed above, are they being held on a separate date?

6. mooo   
Nov 05 2008 20:39

lol you not in mech eng or civ eng, are you?

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