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Government Balls-up Reduces Grants

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Oct 29 2008 13:51

The government's scheme to give grants to almost two-thirds of students has been cut back - after more than two-thirds of students qualified for them.

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1. so.   
Oct 29 2008 19:52

more people are poor than the government thought?

Oct 29 2008 20:15

More people are poor and going to university than the government thought.

Oct 29 2008 20:50

i met john denham once and i have to say, he looks a lot like that guy from midsomer murders...

Oct 29 2008 20:58

Bloody communists! Wouldn't have happened with Maggi!

5. ....   
Oct 31 2008 09:52

Since when have they been giving out grants to those with family incomes less than ?60K? It wasn't like that when I applied!

Oct 31 2008 09:58

It was a new thing starting this year.

Oct 31 2008 12:27

"more people are poor than the government thought?"

In Premier Brown's glorious socialist Utopia many family can afford buy two tractors.

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