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Election Results: USA, Guilds, GSA, Union

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Nov 06 2008 17:13

Votes are now in and results are out. Live! announces who has grabbed themselves a seat on some of the Union's top committees.

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Nov 06 2008 19:19

It is silly how few people run for positions...

Nov 06 2008 20:23

I always thought you had to be literate to be elected as a magazine editor. Why did the only candidate who could actually write meaningful English come third?

Nov 06 2008 21:29

Because most elections are just a popularity contest.

Nov 07 2008 12:00

"It is silly how few people run for positions..."

Perhaps if Mech Soc was actually relevant and did stuff then we might see more people running for these positions. In my three years at IC I've not seen a single Mech Soc event advertised and I'm not sure I knew they even existed until my second year...

Nov 07 2008 15:16

Mech Soc once did something with mince pies in 2005.

That was it.

Nov 07 2008 17:56

Would that not be the CGCU mince pie giveaway in the mecheng building?

Nov 07 2008 18:14

Oh yeah, it was.

No they haven't done anything then.

Nov 09 2008 23:34

"It is silly how few people run for positions..."

I'm sorry, have you seen how many *voters* there were? You couldn't even make the Union Bar feel crowded with that lot.

"Because most elections are just a popularity contest."

Ah ha ha, I see what you did there.

Nov 10 2008 00:53






Nov 10 2008 12:47

They did do something: they beefed up their CV

11. ahem   
Nov 11 2008 10:01

what f**king lame world do people live in when being elected to union positions "beefs up your CV"?

Nov 11 2008 10:44

The real world?

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