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Snippets - 11/11/2008

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Nov 11 2008 10:05

A sign-ifcantly challenged non-column; Car Park Closed (or is it?); Private Events; Pedestrian Safety; The Right Stuff.

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1. JJ   
Nov 11 2008 17:06

Anyone seen the signs in the library when you top up your account?

"Please print safely..."

2. Ant   
Nov 12 2008 20:40

I'm disappointed that no members of the motor club decided to at least under take some pedantry and correct the sign into correct english.

Nov 17 2008 14:16

This article went up on Tuesday. By Friday morning, the clock was saying the right time.

Has anyone noticed if they've managed to get it to say "Car Park Open" yet?

Nov 17 2008 15:06

No. But they did remove the black tape when the car park was in fact closed...

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