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Extraordinary Conference for NUS Reform?

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Nov 11 2008 14:47

NUS will be holding yet another Extraordinary Conference this week to try and pass the so far unsuccessful NUS Reforms.

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1. Hmm.   
Nov 11 2008 16:50

"The deadline for registering delgates passed at 5pm yesterday with Live! believing that we have been unable to find a full delegation"

Does this mean the full SWSS/Respect delegation were unopposed? It would be rather unfortunate if Imperial's last vote as NUS members was to secure a repeat of the failure to reform over which we left...

Nov 11 2008 17:24

Please don't tell me we are sending anti-reform delegates. Can someone in the know confirm? I thought Camilla had left.

the reason why we haven't paid the fees for the rest of the year and why we can't send anti-reform delegates is because the Union agreed with the N.U.S. that we would go to the conference and support reform in return for not chasing us up about the fees...

Nov 11 2008 22:10

Nice... What fun games we play.

Nov 11 2008 23:19

@ post 3

What a great idea! I always thought that just because Imperial wasn't in the NUS doesn't mean we can't have a non-aggression pact

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