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Ask The President on stoic tv: Your Questions Wanted

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Nov 13 2008 17:33

Got an issue with the Union? Submit a question to Union President, Jenny Morgan, to feature on stoic tv's termly programme Ask The President.

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Nov 13 2008 19:21

Why did we spend hundreds of pounds and waste the time of nine people to go to NUS conference? Has the union decided what to do with the money we save yet?

Nov 13 2008 19:59

I was wondering what happened to the water coolers, which were around when I came for my interview. They all seem to have disappeared and being able to refill my water bottle during the day would be most helpful.

Nov 14 2008 13:49

How about - why is the Deputy President (Education & Welfare) advertising in Felix for postgraduate representative positions that haven't been approved by Council yet?

And which a certain research postgraduate thinks makes PhD representation WORSE.

Ho hum.

Nov 15 2008 11:53

What steps are being taken to avoid a repeat of ICU Entertainments team's disgraceful hijacking of RSCU and CGCUs Masquerade Ball?

Who was responsible and will they be held to account?

Nov 15 2008 17:26

The original Master Plan for the Beit Redevelopment included a cafe, this was removed when students brought a paper to ICU Council asking for it to be replaced with a multi-purpose dance studio. However, I don't remember anyone ever saying this was because they didn't like coffee so why is the Union no longer serving hot drinks? I'd like somewhere to sit and chat with my friends without feeling that my options are limited to almost entirely alcoholic beverages.

Nov 15 2008 18:41

If you wanted people to stay at your ball then you should have made a bit more of an effort with your ents. What is wrong with a little bit of competition? I appreciate that the organisers egos might feel a bit bruised but as long as the students there had fun (regardless if they stayed at the ball, went to the Union or out to a club afterwards then everything else is secondary.

Nov 15 2008 18:49

People were gate crashing the ball, so it can't have been that bad.

When you have a minimum bar spend, it's a bit rubbish if your own union wants to tempt people away to boost their own bar spend instead.

I also don't recall 'cash machines' being on the list of places where it is acceptable to put posters. So here's another question:

Why are Union employees able to break the poster regulations, when clubs are not?

Nov 15 2008 21:50

Along the same lines as above, if the union can put that much effort into trying to get people to attend an event why is it so incapable of advertising elections for all levels of union positions (club positions included) effectively? I understand that the union needs to make as much money as it can but having a good numbers running for and voting for positions is just as important in making sure the union does is job effectively.

Nov 18 2008 01:14

On attempting to buy lunch from the Union, I must check for the ingredients used in the food prepared. (I'd say 'cooked', but that's really pushing it.)

Nearly every time of asking the staff, I am greeted by a disgruntled facial expression, a snort of annoyance, which then are both rounded off with an a clueless answer. This leaves me either unable to eat the food, or risking the fact that the food I'm eating from my own Union is going to have severe detrimental effects on me.

Why are catering staff not told what they are serving, or at very least have an allergens list which is pretty standard in most catering venues? And why do they treat me like I'm some sort of phenomonen, when really, its not my fault I've got food allergies?

Nov 18 2008 09:43

It's a general lack of training in any area not just allergies... the halal food is cooked on the same grill as bacon, using the same implements to move it and often touching. Vegetarian prep has the same level of care... the staff don't give a c**p because the people who employ them don't give a c**p... if health and safety visited and did their jobs properly the whole place would be shut down.

Mind you certain college outlets are just as bad.

Nov 18 2008 10:03

.....and that's my point, but also not my point.

I never said it was JUST allergies that they arent prepared for.

why don't you back up your discontent with a question for the Union President rather than trying to prove ME wrong? Surely we're in the same sort of boat....

12. Ratman   
Nov 18 2008 11:00

Have you seen the size of the rats in Beit Quad!? I'm scared to leave Felix cat outside in case he gets taken and savaged by the rats. :(

Time for pest control, you think?

Nov 18 2008 11:39

You think I'm a rat? Giggles.

14. Yep   
Nov 20 2008 14:46


15. This post has been deleted.
Nov 20 2008 14:52
Nov 21 2008 09:26

Given that football club is apparently full of idiots, should the union continue to fund them? What is being done by college and the union to bring them under control?

17. Flower   
Nov 21 2008 10:08

Coffee lover:

You would be just about alone in wanting a coffee after hours - and unfortunately the numbers just don't stack in for investing in a coffee shop - esp with college investing in them so heavily since the orriginal masterplan and starbucks / others around the corner on gloucester road.

I suspect that the current coffee machine in the bar is as good as it can ever get (and it is good tea at least).

Nov 21 2008 12:43

In which case you would be mistaken as my question is prompted by the fact the coffee machine in the bar has been removed...

19. Alice   
Nov 21 2008 13:47

It's in Db's

Nov 21 2008 15:47

In the food serving area? I was toldit had broken down again and therefore been sent back permanently. That's a really silly place to have it as dBs as such restricted opening hours!

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