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Snippets - 24/11/2008

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Nov 24 2008 16:13

A slightly mischievous non-column; Meeting Melee; Fire Safety; Commercial Development; Badminton > Football.

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Nov 24 2008 17:13

You're not suggesting that football fudge their membership are you? Obviously this anomally results from the dramatic drop in recruting once the target membership is reached!

It would be interesting to see a graph of how membership changed throughout the year.

Nov 24 2008 18:33

The first snippet is too funny.

3. Oh   
Nov 25 2008 15:14

Football isn't the biggest sport where everybody plays competitively (sport =?). All 150 badminton players play for 4 teams that comprise the badminton club.

37 members per team...

Nov 25 2008 15:34

"Competitively" is perhaps not quite the right phrase... The 2 badminton teams showing on the BUCS site seem to have a better record than the 3 football teams on the BUCS site.

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