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Library Recruiting new 'Marketing' Manager

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Nov 26 2008 16:35

Imperial College Library at South Kensington is advertising a new post for 'Marketing Manager'. But marketing what exactly?

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Nov 28 2008 15:36

Most of the Library's money goes in to annual subscription to its 23000 journals it subscribes to. ?50k is not that much...

Don't forget that the library does more than hold textbooks for UGs - there is a whole range of extra services that it provides for researchers and PhD studetns.

Oh wait, you didn't take that in to account... maybe that's why the Library DO need a Marketing manager to make people aware of that fact!

Dec 01 2008 13:21

Exactly, we're not talking about a highschool library here, undergrads probably don't realise this - but they are not the only reason things like the library exist, pretty much any researcher can use the facilities here.

Of course it needs marketing, or how would external (or even internal) parties know what services are available, or that they even exist? It'd all go to waste. A ?40,000 salary may sound a lot to a student, but if Imperial College can't absorb that cost, they've got serious problems.

Dec 01 2008 21:36

I want my magazine rack back.

4. Yes   
Dec 02 2008 10:51

We should have a petition to have magazines ! Good ones... all of them.

Dec 13 2008 17:42

They'd be better off hiring somebody to fix the roof!

I don't think the entrance was designed to have a water feature.

Dec 14 2008 23:42

The library is busy enough as it is! We need someone who will raise the profile of Departmental libraries and make it easier for people to use them regardless of where in College they come from.

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