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Felix takes top awards as Live! loses out

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Nov 27 2008 11:47

Felix was named Guardian student newspaper of the year last night, with former editor Tom Roberts as student journalist of the year, however Live! was unable to repeat last year's success.

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Nov 27 2008 14:59

You couldn't really ask for a nicer guy to win this award - well done Tomo. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so shocked...!

Nov 27 2008 18:47

(E)motion seconded and carried.

I like Tomo so much I can happily imagine myself as his personal servant.

Nov 27 2008 19:32

Wooooooooyeah! Actually knocked my chair flying across the room I was so excited. Tomo definitely deserved both awards. Felix was absolutely amazing last year. Hat off to Jov, he has a tough act to follow.

Nov 27 2008 22:18

I'm so f**king happy for Tomo and felix and the entire team last year. So honoured to have been a part of it.

Keep the cat free


Nov 28 2008 00:00

Tomo was SO last year..........

Naww, seriously, massive congratulations extended from everything I've said and written in this week's issue.

Nov 28 2008 02:32

Tomo, I love you, but hate you more - because my girlfriend wants you

7. Tomo   
Nov 28 2008 09:15

Thanks guys!

What an evening. I think that picture at the top of the page sums it up pretty well.

My many, many thanks and congratulations to the entire Felix team too - I'm glad the hard work everyone put in has been rewarded.

Any autograph requests should be sent to Matty ;]


Nov 28 2008 15:45

Nice one Tomo. If anyone else had won it would have been a travesty.

Nov 29 2008 12:17

as tabled. is it Jov??

10. @9   
Nov 29 2008 14:34

ahah. no. lame try

Nov 30 2008 13:01

I am Angry Geek. Do you not recognise the latent scottish bitterness within each column?

Nov 30 2008 19:07

Just a note for those of you who have read Felix, or will be reading Felix next week: their reporting of the 'Student Website' category is incorrect - Nouse was runner-up, Cherwell won.

Nov 30 2008 19:16

What did they print instead?

Nov 30 2008 20:31

That Nouse won it.

15. Jov   
Nov 30 2008 23:11


Corrected it on the website.

Cheers Ashley

16. Dan   
Dec 01 2008 14:08

Whats with the dig at ICRADIO kids?

Thats a pretty go at a society you know nothing about! If you actually botherd to come down the corridor from Felix to our area you would know that we do a hell of a lot more than you think, for example our fully operational, proefssional recording studio. And you would also know that our music team destroys the FELIX music team...

Dec 01 2008 14:29

Err, Dan...

Bear in mind with my responses below that the current team are working really hard to revive ICRADIO as a radio station, and we've had a constructive chat about getting it piped into bars etc. The comment originally referred to by Dan was "with everyone except ICRADIO having taken home some glassware in the past few years".

> Thats a pretty go at a society you know

> nothing about

I added the dig about ICRADIO to the original article, as I was asked to revise the draft. I know plenty about it, thanks.

> If you actually botherd to come down the

> corridor from Felix

Why are you having a go at a society you know nothing about? Live! has nothing to do with Felix [except for friendly banter and the occasional sharing of stories/information].

> we do a hell of a lot more than you think

But as far as I'm aware you haven't won any student radio awards in the past few years, which was the point...

> for example our fully operational,

> proefssional recording studio

But you aren't "IC Recording Society"... I think you'll find that today there will be a grand total of 1 hour of music on ICRADIO, with absolute silence transmitting the rest of the day - the same silence that has been there 90% of the time since about June. (Yes, I know that will change "shortly", but it doesn't change the fact that the 'radio' part of ICRADIO has consisted of mostly silence for a very long time, despite there being a perfectly working [if 'challenging' to use] system in place for sustain music).

This is also the same society that managed to do three hours of interviews with sabb candidates at the sabb elections, which were neither broadcast nor recorded because no-one put the desk on air...

Or that a good deal of the equipment has either moved, vanished or become broken whenever I go to the studio to do a show...

18. @Dan   
Dec 01 2008 14:37

You might have a professional recording studio at ICRADIO, but how oftern is it actually used? Once a year?

The money you make from that probably doesent even cover the electricity bill for the ICRADIO streaming server which sits there streaming...silence.

As for your music team destroying Felix's...erm - who exactly are your music team? Compare how many people listen to their show, and how many people read the Felix music section... I'd like to see that barchart.

Dec 01 2008 14:47

Actually, the recording studio has seen quite a lot of use since the start of term. Not sure what for though, apart from this:

20. To Dan   
Dec 01 2008 14:57

If you do so much at IC radio - Why are there only three news posts in the last year on your website?

You've got awesome gear, shame none of you know how to promote what you do properly. You can't just keep going on about how great your professional gear is if you don't actually have any shows.

Look at UCL's RareFM - their gear is way more basic than that at IC (they don't have a pro recording studio for sure), does that mean their schedule is 70% empty? Nope, looking at their website they have shows all day every day from 9:00 till 23:00.

Make IC radio more accesible and known to people then you might start winning awards. Last year, most of my friends didn't even know there was a studio in beit, let alone that IC radio even existed.

Why don't you do clubnights at the Union or something? Or ask to 'sponsor' a friday night in dB's? Or why not set your sights a little higher and organise events OUTSIDE of Imperial? Why don't you advertise the services of your professional studio better? I bet loads of small bands would love to use that to record demos etc, and considering your costs are pretty minimal (like, you didn't have to spend ?100K on equipment) - you could seriously undercut all the competition in this area.

Sorry to detract from the original topic of Felix winning the awards, but Dans post pretty much summed up exactly what p***ed me off during my 4 years at IC, everyone here just assumes they are the best at everything, when most of the time - they're not. (except Felix by the looks of it, but that's becuase the team put a s**t load of work into what they do - they are the exception here).

I see from the IC radio website that you're on the up, I really hope that actually happens because it's such a shame that nobody really hears about what happens there.

21. Update   
Dec 01 2008 14:59

ok, if IC studio is being used this term, I apologise for assuming otherwise - I'm basing my opinions on last years state of affairs, where it was basically used as a storeroom.

22. Dan   
Dec 01 2008 15:12

Ok here we go :)

If we're getting picky I never actually said that "LIVE" and "FELIX" were the same thing, just that we were down the corridor from them.

Just because we are "ICRADIO" doesn't mean we are limited to radio. Agreed the sustain service is down at the moment, but this is due to us transitioning to a new system, all part of the "reviving" of ICRADIO. This WILL be up in the next couple of weeks.

As you correctly put Ashley we did do a seshion with the London Rock Academy last weekend (we recorded 10 bands of 10-18 year olds in two days). These seshions are now being mixed and produced by the MUSIC TECH society - the starting of a beautiful relationship...

We have been having at least 2-3 acts in a week, not including last weekend, to our studio. A couple of weeks ago we had a live seshion with South Central - - who ironically enough are featured on the NME website this week.

"This is also the same society that managed to do three hours of interviews with sabb candidates at the sabb elections, which were neither broadcast nor recorded because no-one put the desk on air..." - this is a fair point, however you cannot judge us from last year. All of the above centres around the point that we as a society are putting all our effort into ICRADIO atm.

"Or that a good deal of the equipment has either moved, vanished or become broken whenever I go to the studio to do a show..." - huh?

The main point of this is that it is hard enough for our society to get noticed, bad press like this hits the enrage button :)

And and also @ "@Dan" (good of you to use your name friend). If you read the music section of FELIX last year you would know that we did try to get featured in the FELIX music section, only for them to proceed our articals with snidey remarks.


Dec 01 2008 15:29

> however you cannot judge us from last year.

That's all anyone else here really has to go on though. Most people haven't heard a useful peep out of ICRADIO for a very long time. The big problem is, if you don't pick up freshers in the first few weeks (to *listen*), then it becomes very hard to get them (to *listen*) later. Complete silence on the student radio station during freshers week is a bit c**p regardless of whether anyone is intending to do good stuff later on.

Besides, tt was hardly bad press, just an observation that you hadn't won anything for a while (you'll notice glassware in the studio from seven or eight years ago though). I don't think anyone had really paid any attention to the comment until your post :)

How much of the stuff that's gone on in the recording studio has actually played out 'on air'? Does ICRADIO want to be a station for its members, or a station for all Imperial students? For the past few years, it has been a station solely for its members (and their friends who listen occasionally).

(P.S. Live! has a culture section and the new editor would probably be more than happy to receive reviews/studio recordings for it... we can run MP3s too!)

"Or that a good deal of the equipment has either moved, vanished or become broken whenever I go to the studio to do a show... huh?"

RCS player and computer being unplugged because the new sustain PC was being tested, but no-one had restored the studio afterwards. Sound effect keyboard for RCS player being unplugged. Persistent electrical whine on the microphones because there's a PC (new sustain box) in the studio kicking out EM interference. Headphone amplifier being unplugged and left in the recording studio. Set of headphones broken. Studio covered in boxes where someone had unpacked their shiny new CD DJ mixers and left the packaging all over the place. Of course, some things have been improving (like the On Air light inside the studio now works again - shame it wasn't working for the sabb interviews!).

The guest/interview studio also seems to be being used as a store cupboard, which makes doing a show with 6 people a little cramped...!

24. Dan   
Dec 01 2008 15:48

All that was on Saturday morning wasn't it Mr VPT (I was in the recording studio setting up our new headphone amp so we don't have to borrow the one from the radio anymore)..... and doing a show with 6 people is always going to be cramped :P (But anyway this is becoming an internal discussion)

Well theres nothing like a little argument to push up some publicity, hope you all know we exist now...

BTW the collaberation with LIVE! sounds interesting, who should i contact?

Dec 01 2008 15:55

Several Saturday mornings in a row with different things broken in fact ;)

Drop an email to to talk about collaborations. I'm sure Kirsty will read this nice discussion at some point reasonably shortly though!

There was talk about running stoic's interview with the bands in the culture section too, for which the other Dan will need a good slap to get done.

Dec 01 2008 17:04

Unfortunately this sseems to have got rather out of hand. Let's not forget that the article is about the excellent effort both Tom and the whole of last years Felix team put in and we all be concentrating on giving them a big pat on the back as such.

If anyone has any misgivings about the current state of IC Radio, or would like to berate someone about it, please do it through the proper channels or in the radio studio, rather than taking the focus of Felix's great achievment here.

Ashley - I was aware there were a few problems in the studio, however not this many so frequently during VPT hours (11am -2pm on a Saturday, everybody tune in). However it would have been useful if you had told me this first before criticising it here.


Dec 01 2008 17:39

Sorry Rich, I was under the impression that the various problems with the studio had been passed back to you!

People have an odd aversion to discussing this sort of thing in public, but I tend to find people come forward to help when they realise what the problems are and how bad they are (and it sounds like you could use some more help).

It's very easy to write off a club when it appears to be dead, but that certainly isn't the case with ICRADIO at the moment which is a good thing.

Dec 04 2008 01:13

Holographic penises - that's the only thing Felix is missing this year - I want 3D HOLOGRAPHIC PENISES IN FELIX: Am I going to get it? I doubt it Jov: DO YOU HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY FOR 3D HOLOGRAPHIC PENISES??? No - I thought NOT - USELESS!

29. Dan   
Jan 27 2009 16:59

Not to try and raise another argument but more to show you guys what we have done in the last few months since all this.

The Out of Hours Schedule is now fully functional and we are surrently in the process of laboriously ripping all of our 12,000 CDs to the digital library (we havent even though about the vinyl yet, theres at least double of that... :) )

The actual schedule is now at a point where it is really filling out, check it out if you dont believe me:

On the subject of the website we are finishing up our brand new version which will be launched in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow will be the launch of our brand new "Flagship Show", a collaberation of all the DJs down at ICRadio with live sessions from our Production studio among other audable treats.


Jan 27 2009 18:09

I had noticed that the schedule was looking good after reading this article in London Student. I checked out a few of the shows and aprt from needing to take advantage of a few more stings (listen to VPT to see what I mean) they sounded pretty good. Looking up. Well done guys!

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