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Sen wants more minions

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Aug 15 2001 18:05

Power hungry ICU President plotting to get more sabbs.

1. Sam   
Aug 16 2001 00:04

but where the h*ll is he going to put said sabb? i never saw a spare office - apart from the DPCS, which is woefully underused

2. sam   
Aug 16 2001 00:05

And please get a new stock photo...

Sen is looking rather young and immpressionable in that one

Aug 16 2001 09:22

OK, just to make you feel better... the next pic of Sen on this site will be of him looking very silly with Dinesh :-)

Aug 16 2001 21:34

Sen hasn't been in the job for five minutes, and has already decided that he needs more deputies! I would suggest the following:

1. Try running the Union for a few weeks first

2. Note that thanks to (my) introduction of a DPEW and retention of Medic President, ICU has one of the healthiest sabb:student ratios in the country.

3. With all due respect to Overseas students, theydo not merit their own sabbatical - I am sure they would resent being lumped into one group

4. Non-sabbatical officers play an important role by giving up their free time to help the union out. A proposal to take work off them degrades the efforts of their predecessors.

5. Rename the medic president DP(Faculty of Medicine) and have them working from ICU

6. Stop arsing about with the constitution and do something about the registry (see earlier posts)

7. Education, education, education?

Aug 17 2001 14:24

By the way, the College has four Principals. Over-zealous hacks tend to have principles - but not always...

Aug 20 2001 09:30

Sweeping in to keep the peace, I cautiously suggest that this is a matter best discussed at a (long) future Council.

Sam: I have a feeling that there are a few unallocated rooms in the new basements or where STOIC used to reside.

Andy: Hats off old chap. I think the amount of time spent on the constitution last year should make this year an easy ride.

BTW, has anyone considered DP(RCC)? - I think we need more representation (and a cushy office).

Aug 20 2001 16:53

How about we focus on actually doing something for students, rather than chit-chatting about how best to do it?

Sen, take heed of Andy Heeps. Get one of your minions to sort that "*?$(&?"&%*&* Registry out!

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