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News drought official

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Aug 20 2001 16:50

Sen Ganesh says there is "no news" in College.

1. Sam   
Aug 20 2001 21:34

I know where that trolley is now...

While i was browsing through the (unlocked) rooms opposite IC Radio's Northside Princes's Gardens Studio, i found a whole room full of Sainsbury's trolleys. (This is the basement of house 10, opposite the chaplaincy)

This leads me to 3 possibilities.

1.) There is a secret conspiracy against Lord Sainsbury, perpertrated by the same evil gnomes that steal my socks.

2.) The Chaplain has a secret trolley fetish.

3.) When residences find a trolley they just dump it in this store rather than return it like we all supposed.

Maybe College Residences will be auctioning off these trolleys to pay for the next SouthSide refurb...

watch this space for more news.

Aug 21 2001 15:13

Sen has many more stolen trolley stores...

Aug 22 2001 09:29

This may sound a bit dim - but could the reason we're having a news drought be because the students are on vacation? It's quite simple really, no students in college - no news in college. Hmmm...

4. sam   
Aug 22 2001 22:00

hmm, about 50% of the news on this site isn't about students...

so what are all the college staff doing? have they stopped scheming for the summer?

or is it just the fact that the major reporter for the news is working as a corporate slave all summer and therefore not around to hear gossip :o)

Aug 23 2001 16:03

Who are you calling a corporate slave?!

Actually, I've been too busy doing the C&G Freshers' Handbook -- and Sen isn't as good at returning my messages as Hamish. (Though he does provide far more entertaining quotes :-)

6. sam   
Aug 23 2001 22:39


that's probably because Sen isn't training to be a lawyer...and therefore isn't as tight lipped.

Get him down to the casino, give him a few drinks, and see how long he can last with a Sabb salary (5 minutes) - then he should give some useful tit-bits.

7. sam   
Aug 23 2001 22:41

That reminds me...

we (you, me and the rest of the guilds hardcore) need to get together and decide on the "format" of Council next year - email me when you are free, and we'll meet up. I'm gonna be in London most of the time until term starts.

8. me   
Aug 23 2001 22:57

a maffia? here?

discrete isnt it?

9. sam   
Aug 24 2001 09:03

That's nothing to do with a "mafia", but i've never chaired Guilds Council before, Mustafa has never been Guilds President before (well it was 'technically' Dinesh last year, but we all know the truth).

We simply need to sit down and discuss the order of business, the rules, etc.

It's all completely innocent, honest!

Aug 24 2001 09:39

Hey guys, why don't you start emailing each other to organise your meetings instead of using this discussion page - it's oh so much more professional that way!

Aug 24 2001 13:46

Sorry, i thought you were reffering to a different council....

Aug 24 2001 16:30

Sam - it's Guilds Council. The format is - you all turn up, never on time, some people never coming even though they've been elected, you debate minor constitutional points, quickly skim over the really important issues because people are frightened to have a point of view, then go to the bar to bitch about the RCS and the f*cking mascots.

There. No need for a meeting.

Aug 24 2001 17:00

Andy, I think you have touched precisely on what Sam was getting at. The format needs to change.

(Particularly as my quick constitutional re-write at the end of last term lead to *all* other committees, bar Exec, being abolished.)

14. sam   
Aug 24 2001 21:10

Andy, how does one so young become so cynical?

Aug 26 2001 20:34

I guess it comes with the territory.

Aug 27 2001 20:58

Although I will be very surprised if Andy proves to be wrong!

Correct me if I am mistaken (just asking for trouble) but isn't the individual involved in the trolley photo a little tall for Mr Ganesh?

Aug 27 2001 21:03

The figure in possession of the trolley has been identified as Mr. Khilan Shah, minor Guilds officer and ex (oh so bad) FK re-app.

Last known address still uncertain, the culprit appears to be running a shrewd organisation shipping Sainsbury's trolleys to his Kenyan homeland at $10 a trolley ($20 if it goes straight).

These are thought to be used in the tiger poaching epidemic currently ruling the countryside.

Any information on this individual would be very welcome.

Aug 28 2001 10:46

There are two individuals involved in the above photo.

Khilan Shah is pulling the trolley while smiling insanely.

Sen is looking glum having just got up. (He was crouching down while removing the security device... allegedly.)

Aug 28 2001 13:21

I'm very proud to see that Mustafa and the rest of C&G Exec have just about manged to turn C&G Union into another souless IC institution.

Aug 28 2001 13:28

I want to see more generic computer based administration. Perhaps I will simply allow C&G to take over the Registry as it seems to be what your good at.

What I don't want is you to organise any events that your students might enjoy or for you to have any fun by trying to retrieve your mascot from the RCSU.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your time at Imperial.

Sorry that should read;

Keep sloging your guts out with boring crap and you'll hardley notice the change when you fall into a dull but well paid job in the city.

21. Anon   
Aug 28 2001 19:19

And this is related to trolleys?

22. Atul   
Aug 28 2001 19:36

wow, there really is a news drought by the looks of it

Aug 29 2001 11:31

Lots of people off their trolleys if you ask me...

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