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Beit burgled

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Aug 28 2001 10:43

Monitor vanishes from Media Centre in latest Union mishap.

1. sam   
Aug 29 2001 09:26

different building ... different master keys.

There are very few commonalities actually. Unless you are prepared to suspect Union staff, which i personally am not. I think you have to treat this as a seperate incident.

It is more likely that during the period when the contractors were still moving in and out, someone slipped in and walked away with it.

Odd that security didn't see it though...

Aug 29 2001 11:30

Yes. Odd that security were too busy being complete cocks to notice something being nicked. Not.

Beit Security is, was and always has been atrocious. Kill them.

Aug 29 2001 12:51

Sam, the commonalities are:

1) The union appears less than adept at managing its keys

2) Beit security need to be killed.

Aug 29 2001 18:24

ICU aren't the only ones that apear like that, are they? :-)

Aug 30 2001 09:58

C&GCU is part of ICU or "the union" (in my words).

(Although I've noticed that many people in certain CCUs do not seem to understand this basic concept that underpins a "constituent structure").

Aug 30 2001 10:34

Can I just say that Beit Security was fine in *my* day...

Aug 30 2001 15:48

Does this not contradict your earlier statement, Andy?

Aug 30 2001 18:10

We urgently need a return to form then!

I suspect part of the problem lies with clubs or representatives getting used to the relaxing of the security to gain access to rooms where "officially" they would be expected to hold authorisation.

A shake up all round seems to be most sensible, with ICU sticking to its policy in ALL cases and members/officers being told that if they don't have the paperwork they won't be getting access.

There is little point in producing new keys if the infrastructure isn't re-enforced as well.

Aug 30 2001 18:32

Erm - kind of - it was bad when I started, but I had it sorted out. Then Hellard came along (you lot elected him! I didn't have a vote!).

I took joint management responsibility. I think Sherfield Security have it back now. I agree with everything my hon. friend David Rolls has said.

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