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Open Access to Confidential Files

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Jan 28 2009 00:10

Live! tripped over some interesting breaches of security last night with open access to files and folders on the Union Directory.

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1. ha   
Jan 28 2009 00:22


3. ...   
Jan 28 2009 10:18

It's not ICT's data so it really isn't their problem. The union have the power (and only they should have the power) to set the correct permissions on the files. So you want to blame someone blame the union for failing to protect their data.

Jan 28 2009 16:32

did Live! Editor find documents about project omega?

Jan 28 2009 19:49

"Permanent Secretary" ?!!

Who is the registered data controller? The Union or the College?

6. This post has been deleted.
Jan 28 2009 21:47
Jan 29 2009 13:08

Registered Data Controller is College; the notification for the Union is contained within the College's - Z5940050.

Jan 29 2009 13:41

Meh. The undergraduate office somehow managed to photocopy someone's exam transcripts onto the back pages of a set of lecture notes. Looks like I should never have told this place my real name.

9. Anon.   
Jan 29 2009 13:58

One of our sets of lecture nots had an email from the lecturer to a student embedded in the middle, complete with names and email addresses, etc. It was in EVERY copy of the lecture notes.

Jan 29 2009 17:12

There was never any concrete evidence of Project Omega. People shouldn't believe everything they hear in the union corridors.

Jan 29 2009 17:19

However, you can probably believe everything you hear in SAC.

Watch out for more on this story in felix tomorrow.


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