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Snow Closes London

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Non-essential travel in London is being advised against, as snow closes roads and hits the public transport system. Stay at home, most of College is shut!

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Feb 02 2009 08:39

Good ol' Blighty. We all know it's coming but we come to a grinding halt anyway. Are we rubbish or do we just need an excuse for a day off work?

Feb 02 2009 08:41

The physics department just emailed everyone saying it is closed today.


Feb 02 2009 09:31


That e-mail having been helpfully sent out about ten minutes into my journey to campus. Anyway, I walked in and the weather is not that bad.

Feb 02 2009 09:31

DoC is also closed today.

Feb 02 2009 09:42

And the Union offices!

Feb 02 2009 09:45


Feb 02 2009 09:50

Nothing can keep the guildsmen away from their office!

Feb 02 2009 09:50

Chem Eng is still open :-(

*goes back to work*

9. Danny   
Feb 02 2009 10:07

Maths closed too.

10. Trish   
Feb 02 2009 11:00

They did grit high street ken last night doesnt seem to of worked very well tho. (Mech Eng is closed)

11. Rhys   
Feb 02 2009 11:02

I've decided you're a liar Andrew

Feb 02 2009 11:58

On an unrelated note... I sense some Live! poll rigging?

Feb 02 2009 12:01

Final year undergrads still have to work! Lazy postgrads....

Feb 02 2009 15:01

ESE business as usual, because we're harder than all of you.

Feb 02 2009 15:17

Library Closed, Catering Closed, ugh! What's the use of a day off when you can't do anything useful with it?

Nice big Snowmen on Queen's Lawn though. And it looked a lot snowier than that picture of Queen's Lawn when I walked past. :o)

Feb 02 2009 15:41

I'd love to see any photos people have taken of our amazing snow storm. I hear that there are loads of snowmen, etc, and I'd be really keen to see what you have taken of each other, campus, activities, views from their windows, etc.

People can email me their photos or send me a link to flickr or where ever if they have any images they'd be willing to share with me. I'm always looking for shots to show the campus in a variety of weather conditions and it's so rare for us to have real snow!

We would like to have a slide show to have on our website and to also use the images in the prospectus. etc.

Thanks much!


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Beth Elzer

Art Director

Imperial College London

[email protected]

17. Anon.   
Feb 02 2009 17:24

There was lots going on in Hyde Park today. If there's another snow-day tomorrow then that's where you should all be at.

Feb 02 2009 17:54

All very well for those people who can actually get to Hyde Park...

19. Elly   
Feb 02 2009 20:11

Ashley, i think you should get hold of a road work sign and surf in..


20. aaagh   
Feb 02 2009 22:40

why isn't the physics department closed tomorrow *sob

21. Flower   
Feb 03 2009 08:40

It's all melted!

No reason college should be closed today - come on you lazy undergrads, get out of bed.

Why am I refereing to undergrads?

Well clearly some postgrades made it in in hyde park:

[img ""]

Feb 03 2009 16:32


Is it the fact that Peter has some votes that gives it away?

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