Thu 22 Feb 2018
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Imperial Tories back IDS

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Aug 28 2001 14:19

ConSoc Chair throws her weight behind right-winger.

Aug 29 2001 11:27

the only thing I will say is that I'm sure Iain Duncan Smith welcomes the support of an organisation which refuses to answer e-mails, and refuses to meet at a time when medical students, who are notoriously conservative by nature, can attend.


Aug 29 2001 12:52

Why don't you start a Medic ConSoc?

Aug 29 2001 21:28

And split the society further? :op

Nov 01 2001 16:05

Cheers for the free mug at the freshers' fair.

Feb 17 2002 01:17

CONsoc... how appropriate...

Feb 19 2002 00:50

Start a "spinsoc" and then you could do away with all these ArtSoc clones...

...leaving room for a decent conservative society true to hard workers and bull shitters :) the most common IC graduate, then :P

Feb 22 2002 17:25

Mr. Park - kindly wash your keyboard out! ;)

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