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Snow Chaos Eases

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Feb 03 2009 08:55

Limited overnight snowfall and blue skies have eased the snow-induced chaos, however many departments have taken the decision to cancel lectures or close.

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Feb 03 2009 09:21

Blue skies have vanished to be replaced with more snow fall in Sarf London.

Feb 03 2009 09:24

When my train came through wimbeldon this morning I saw a tram leaving. Don't know how far it was going mind.

Feb 03 2009 09:31

As far as the road section controlled by Croydon Council, at which point the roads become unpassable for trams under 2" of snow and ice (and it was 9" yesterday).

4. Miner   
Feb 03 2009 10:09

Still bright sunshine here. All but one of our lecturers (ESE) have made it in and the last one has four hours still to get here from Kent. Shame only two students turned up for one of the lectures this morning though.

Will it be wishful thinking to see if the Union Shop is open? I need some more colouring pencils (seriously, no joke).

Feb 03 2009 14:20

It seems somewhat frustrating that Beit towers is closed when most of the sabbs live within walking distance!

No mention of snow on the website either... or about the closure of the Union yesterday and today?

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