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International Students Officer and CSC Idol: Results

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Feb 06 2009 21:43

The results are announced for Imperial's new International Students' Officer and the controversial but popular CSC Idol!

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Feb 07 2009 03:30

Marcus Jiang down.. Ronned ...Ouch

Feb 07 2009 14:29

So you haven't done anything about the results of the first poll in Dec '06 then?

Feb 09 2009 15:28

112 votes! Shows you how well the union advertised the fact that there was an election on! <1% voter turnout ftw!

Feb 10 2009 10:35

More people voted for the CSC Idol then for the International officer, even I voted twice as many times for my CSC Idol as I did for the international officer ...

Jun 23 2009 04:36

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Jul 07 2009 11:26

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Jul 08 2009 00:25

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